Pie Face shot to global fame after a home video of the title in action went viral with over 88 million online views.

Hasbro has acquired the rights to manufacture and distribute internet sensation and messy party game title, Pie Face.

Under licence from Rocket Games, the firm will launch the Pie Face game – that shot to global fame after a home video of the title went viral with over 88 million online views – in the UK and the US.

The new deal follows the ‘overwhelming public response’ to the video and mass call for the game from online fans.

“We saw the overwhelming response to the video of a family playing the Pie Face game on social media and heard from many of our fans asking for the game,” said Jonathan Berkowitz, vice president of global marketing and strategy for Hasbro Gaming.

“We are always listening to our fans to deliver the most exciting and fun gaming experiences, and thanks to the team at Rocket Games, we are thrilled to bring the game to new markets in just a few months.”

The Pie Face game sees players load a throwing arm with whipped cream and take turns sliding their head through the mask and spin the spinner. Players then turn the handle the number of times indicated in the spinner until the arm springs into action.

Pie Face was previously distributed by UK games specialist, Esdevium Games. The title will be available in the US in October.

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