Considered the “Netflix of video games”, Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s platform that offers access to a wide catalog of games for a monthly fee.. There are options to play online and offline.

The service currently offers three plan options, serving people who own an Xbox and those who play on the computer. Owners of certain Samsung smart TV models can also use the platform even without a console or PC available.

If you are a fan of Xbox games and are in doubt about which plan to choose, check out all the information about the streaming de games da Microsoft.

What is Xbox Game Pass and how does it work?

Game Pass is Microsoft’s game streaming service.Source: Microsoft/Disclosure

Launched in 2017, Game Pass is a subscription service that offers the possibility to play hundreds of different titlesincluding successes such as franchises FIFA, Forza, Flight Simulator e Need for Speed, among many others. Games are accessed on compatible Xbox consoles, PCs and Samsung TVs, depending on the plan.

In addition to playing online, the subscriber has the possibility to download the games included in the package to have fun even without internet signal. But it is important to note that the Xbox Cloud Gaming cloud service is not available for all streaming titles – in some cases, downloading the game is mandatory.

And just like streaming movies and series, the Xbox Game Pass catalog is constantly updated. This means that new games are added monthly, but on the other hand, some games are withdrawn.

A Game Pass subscription also gives you access to Xbox Game Studios games on launch day, free in-game content, partner offers and includes Electronic Arts (EA) titles in some modes. Exclusive discounts for purchasing games on the Microsoft Store are another perk granted.

What subscription options are available?

Xbox Game Pass plans available July 2023.Xbox Game Pass plans available July 2023.Source: Microsoft/Disclosure

Currently available Xbox Game Pass plans are:

Game Pass Ultimate

Imagem: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Xbox Live Gold and over 100 high-quality games for one low monthly fee. Play with friends and discover your next favorite game.

More complete option Xbox Ultimate gives you access to hundreds of games on Microsoft consoles, PC and in the cloud via Xbox Game Clouding. New titles added frequently, same-day access to games from Xbox Game Studios and benefits from Riot Games are other draws.

A Game Pass Ultimate subscription also includes EA games such as the series FIFA e F1both on Xbox and PC, with exclusive rewards. In this option, the user still has access to Xbox Live Goldwhich enables online multiplayer and offers free downloadable games on a monthly basis.

Xbox Ultimate Game Pass price is $19.99 per monthwith the first month for R$ 5, promotionally.

Game Pass Console

Imagem: XBOX Game Pass
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Microsoft’s dedicated Xbox and PC subscription service offers exclusive games, releases, xbox live gold, EA Play and much more! Subscribe now for only 5 reais in the first month.

Some of the benefits found in the most complete subscription are also offered in this modality. Although, the subscriber has access to titles only on the consoleseja em um Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series S ou Xbox Series X.

Another difference is in the absences of EA’s library of games and Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Game Pass Console subscription costs $12.99 per month.

Game Pass PC

Cheapest option from Microsoft’s game streaming platform, Game Pass for PC has restricted computer access. EA games are part of the package, however Live Gold and its benefits are not included here.

Game Pass PC subscription is $29.99 per monthwith the first month at R$ 5, promotionally.

New plan coming soon

The plan Xbox Game Pass Core will be available from September, replacing Live Gold, with the right to more than 25 games. The subscription will cost BRL 34.99 per month.

Which subscription to choose?

The platform has plan options for different audiences.The platform has plan options for different audiences.Source: Microsoft/Disclosure

for those who want access to all platform featuresincluding playing on different devices, whether on Xbox, computer, direct on TV and mobile devices via the cloud, the most recommended plan is Xbox Ultimate.

Already people who are going to play exclusively on Xbox have Game Pass Console as an option. However, it is worth noting that this subscription does not include EA games, and it is necessary to buy the titles from the distributor separately if you want to play them. Live Gold is also not available.

In turn, Game Pass PC is suitable for those who don’t have a console, but loves Xbox games and has a computer with specifications that allow it to run heavier titles. The cheapest subscription is another advantage of this modality.


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