LOUD ran over paiN Gaming once again. Now in the final of the upper bracket, they scored another 3-0 against Tradicionais and are in the final of CBLOL 2023 2nd Split.

With this result, Croc, South Korean, reached a historic mark in the championship. And the fourth final from abroad and he already has two competition titles in his career. Previously tied with Luci, Shrimp and wiser, Croc is now the only one with that number of appearances.

Confirmed in the decision in Recife, the South Korean achieves an enviable feat. Of the five stages he was in Brazil, in four of them he reached the final of the tournament.

(Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games)

Croc is successful at CBLOL

The South Korean arrived in Brazil in the second stage of 2021, when he was hired by Clearnext to Yuri. He was one of the highlights of the Goiás team that reached the final, but ended up defeated by RED Canids.

Croc also had a quick run through the Netshoes Miners and did not reach the decision, being eliminated in the first match of the lower bracket by Liberty. At this stage in question he was elected the Regular Season MVP. Already LOUDwas champion in the 2nd Split of 2022 and also in the first of 2023.

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Luis Santana
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