The Worlds 2023 play-in ended with Team BDS and Gigabyte Marines classified. This Sunday, we also know the first clashes of the Swiss Phase of the tournament.

In this new format, teams face each other in MD1 matches, while those who win play with those who also won and vice versa, until they win three to qualify and lose the same number, which means elimination.

Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage clashes

  • Gen.G x Marines
  • NRG x Weibo
  • G2 x DK
  • JDG x BDS
  • T1 x Team Liquid
  • Cloud9 x MAD Lions
  • Bilibili x KT

When does Worlds 2023 return?

Worlds 2023 will only return next Thursday (19) from 2 am. In the Swiss Phase, 16 teams fight for a place in the playoffs in search of the competition title.

LOUD, representative of Brazil, was eliminated from the tournament

On Saturday, LOUD was eliminated by Marines during the Worlds 2023 Play-in Phase and will not be in the Swiss format. The community reacted to the elimination of the Brazilian team while tinowns talked about not knowing the next steps and Robo says it was the most frustrating series of his career.

Croc, a South Korean, was heavily criticized on social media and had his worst performance in international championships. Ceos support spoke in a hurry when asking the reasons for the defeat.

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