What are the best teams at Worlds 2023? O More Esports created a Tierlist with the best teams that will play the LoL World Cup 2023! The tournament takes place in South Korea between the days October 10th and November 19th.

Next, watch the full video and see what teams that arrive stronger for Worlds 2023:

Tierlist with the 10 strongest teams at Worlds 2023


The favorite team to be champion of Worlds 2023. It is the current two-time champion of the LPL, the Chinese LoL league, and also the champion of MSI 2023. It could be the first team to win the LoL Grand Slam.

T1 and LNG

Although they didn’t win LCK 2023, T1 is highly respected, always surprises internationally and could reach the final again. LNG took JDG to the limit in the LPL and showed good consistency. They also have a lot of chances of reaching the final.


Although it dominates the LCK, it tends not to show good international performances, raising doubts about its performance. Should reach the Playoffs.

KT Rolster e BLG

Teams that reach the playoffs and can surprise, but at the moment, they are not favorites for the title or at least reaching the final.

Dplus and Weibo

They should also reach the playoffs, but there are no high expectations of them going that far, given their performance in their regional leagues. However, like every LCK and LPL team, they can also surprise.

G2, Fnatic e Cloud9

Teams that could surprise Korea and China, however, are not even considered to reach the playoffs. If they arrive, they will be a pleasant surprise.

BDS, MAD Lions, Team Liquid, NRG, PSG Talon, CFO, Rainbow7, GAM, Team Whale e DFM

They are the weakest teams in the tournament. Some may even do something “funny”, beat some big teams, but they are not expected to get very far. If they advance from the Entry Stage and Group Stage they will be considered a big upset in the tournament.

Worlds 2023 can count on several surprises

Despite our analysis of the best teams in the LoL 2023 World Cup, remember the famous phrase: “the game is played“. It’s the surprises that make the championship even more exciting, and in the end, the person we least expect could be the Worlds 2023 champion.

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