This Thursday (28), Epic Games offers two new free games to its users: Soulstice e Model Builder. Unlike the charismatic titles presented last week, the highlight this time is one hack n’ slash with RPG elements set in a perverse and dark world. To accompany and stimulate creativity, there are a model building simulator — which should guarantee dozens of hours of immersion. Check out more about them!

Starting with the highlight Soulstice, the player will know the Sacred Kingdom of Keidas, now plagued by brutal creatures called “Wraiths”. In this desolate setting, there are two “Chimera” sisters, powerful warriors born from the union of two souls, who can offer hope.

Controlling these heroines, Briar and Lute, the player will unravel mysteries through intense combat against powerful enemies and supernatural forces.

Check out the trailer for Soulstice:

Model Builder free on the Epic Store

Em Model Builder, the player will be able to assemble hundreds of different modelsincluding from action figures even model airplanes. Among the creations in the immersive simulator, the narrative will tell secrets from the past of Stan, the protagonist’s grandfather and professional in assembling small works.

Check out the trailer for Model Builder:

How do I redeem free games from the Epic Store?

For rescue Soulstice e Model Builder no costs at Epic Storejust navigate to your free games page clicking hereaccess the desired title and click “Get”. It’s worth remembering that the offer is valid until next Thursday (5), at 12pm.

Outside the promotional period, a base version of Soulstice can be purchased on the Epic Store for R$ 107.99. Similarly, Model Builder It is sold for R$37.99.

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