A T1 ran over the Weibo Gaming na final do Worlds 2023 and became four-time champion of the LoL World Cup! It is the organization that has won the most tournaments and no other comes even close to the South Koreans.

To reach the title, the team needed to beat all LPL teams in the tournament, a feat that kept T1 without ever losing World Cup playoffs to Chinese teams in the history of the competition.

Next, watch the T1 press conference, or, if you prefer, continue to read the entire summary and repercussion of the title.

Resumo: T1 3 x 0 Weibo Gaming

The first match of the series even had some dispute, with an incredible performance from Oner against the champion Lee Sin. In addition to him, Zeus, from Yone, also played his role, even with a bad start.

In the second game, an absolute smash. Weibo Gaming didn’t even show up to play and ended the match with just one kill. Once again, Oner and Zeus were the highlights of the South Korean team.

In the end, the third match, also had a bit of a dispute, but had the same result. Once again from Lee Sin, Oner ended the game and defined the T1 title at Worlds 2023 against Weibo.

Moment in which Faker lifts his fourth LoL World Cup trophy

Faker, who was already considered the best player in LoL history, took another step to be even further away from second place.

The player won his fourth world title and remains the most successful in history! Watch the moment Faker lifts the Worlds trophy:

T1 players have already chosen the skin for the LoL World Cup

Historically, players who win the LoL World Cup can choose a themed skin, popularly called the World Cup skin. During the press conference, T1 players already revealed which champions they should choose to win this Worlds skin:

  • Zeus – Yone ou Jayce
  • Oner – Lee Sin
  • Faker – Don’t know yet
  • Gumayusi – Jinx
  • Keria – Bardo or Renata Glasc

Worlds 2023 becomes the most watched Esports event in history!

Worlds 2023 has become the most watched esports event in history. The final between T1 and Weibo reached an impressive peak of more than 6.4 million viewers. This number surpassed the previous record held by Free Fire World Cup 2021which had a peak of 5.4 million of spectators.

These were not the first records in this edition of the LoL World Cup. The semi-final between T1 and JDG was the most watched in history, while the quarter-final between T1 and LNG was also the most watched in history.

Community reacts to Faker winning his fourth title

Below, see the community’s reaction to T1’s victory and Faker’s fourth Worlds title:

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