This Thursday (9), Epic Games has released another new free game: Golden Light. Unusual, curious and, at times, bizarre, Mr. Pink’s title is a horror game with rogue-like elementsIt is. In it, the player will have to explore ever-new maps, procedurally generated, with completely random equipment.

Golden Light brings elements of violent horror, while betting on references to classic films of the genre — such as Night of the Living Dead, by George Romero. A retro but visceral aesthetic should please fans of the saga Silent Hill, with many reddish and rusty elements.

When it comes to plot, it is quite difficult to define Golden Light. Although it has a narrative, much of the title’s charm is based on its strangenesscom disconnected elements that look like they came straight out of a fever dream — like a talking bike and sentient weapons.

Check out the trailer for Golden Light:

How to redeem free Golden Light on the Epic Store?

To redeem Golden Light no cost at Epic Store, just navigate to your page clicking here and click “To obtain. It is worth remembering that the offer starts this Thursday (9) at 1pm and is valid for one week.

Outside the promotional period, the base version of Golden Light can be purchased on the Epic Store for R$59.99.

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