O Worlds 2023 is the world of LoL and will feature the best teams in the world disputing the coveted Summoner’s Cup. More Esports prepared a complete list to show you all the Qualified teams for Worlds 2023.

Teams of Worlds 2023, the world of LoL

  • JD Gaming (JDG) – Seed 1 da China
  • Bilibili Gaming – Seed 2 da China
  • LNG – Seed 3 da China
  • Weibo Gaming – Seed 4 da China
  • Gen.G – Seed 1 from Korea
  • T1 – Seed 2 from Korea
  • NRG – North America Seed 1
  • Cloud9 – North America Seed 2
  • Team Liquid – Seed 3 from North America
  • MAD Lions – Seed to be defined from Europe
  • G2 – Seed to be defined from Europe
  • DetonatioN FocusMe (DFM) – Seed 1 from Japan

Mais Esports will update the list of qualified teams for Worlds 2023 as teams are confirmed.

Division of Worlds 2023 Qualified Teams

In all, there are 22 teams qualified for Worlds 2023. China and Korea are the strongest regions in the world, which is why they are also the ones that will have the most representatives in the LoL World Cup.

Then there are the LEC and LCS, and one of them will have four teams depending on the result of the qualifying series. Here’s how the division of vacancies turned out:

  • 4 vacancies from korea
  • 4 vacancies da China
  • 3 vacancies EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
  • 3 vacancies from north america
  • 2 vacancies from PCS (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia and Oceania)
  • 2 vacancies from vietnam
  • 1 vacancy from Japan
  • 1 vacancy from Brazil
  • 1 vacancy From Latin America
  • 1 vacancy Worlds Qualifying Series (4th seed LEC vs 4th seed LCS)

When does the 2023 LoL Worlds start?

Worlds 2023 starts on October 10th and ends on November 19th.

Where will LoL Worlds 2023 be held?

Worlds 2023 takes place in South Korea. The competition takes place at LoL Park (Seoul), KBS Arena (Seoul), Indoor Gymnasium (Busan) and Gocheok Sky Dome (Seoul).

When does each stage of the 2023 LoL World Cup take place?

Worlds 2023 is divided into three stages: Entry Stage, Swiss Stage and Playoffs. Check out when each of them happens below:

  • Entry Phase: October 10-15;
  • Swiss Phase: 19-23 October;
  • Quarterfinals: November 2-5;
  • Semifinals: November 11-12;
  • End: November 19;
Gocheok Sky Dome, stage of the Worlds 2023 grand final (Image: Disclosure / Riot)

Qualified teams for Worlds 2023 will play new format of LoL worlds

Riot Games will be debuting a new competition format at Worlds 2023. More MD3 and MD5 series are now played, and old MD1 matches are gone.

Entry Phase

The Entry Phase will no longer feature teams from the LCK and LPL. This year, the champions of CBLOL, LJL and LLA will play, in addition to the two best teams from PCS and VCS. In addition to them, the top 4 of the LCS and LEC play a series against each other, disputing the last spot in this stage, which will have eight teams in total.

The Entry Phase format will be double elimination. Teams are divided into two groups and play MD3 (best of 3). The winner of the upper bracket of one group faces the winner of the lower bracket of the other group in MD5 series (best of 5) to qualify for the next round.

Play-in WEorlds 2023
Format Entry Stage Worlds 2023/Playback: Riot Games

Swiss phase

In the Swiss Phase, 16 teams play, 14 of which have already been classified in advance and another 2 coming from the Entry Phase. The Swiss format is used, in which teams with three series wins advance and teams with three losses are eliminated. Matches are in MD1 (best of 1) and knockouts and qualifying in MD3 (best of 3).

The Swiss format implemented in Worlds 2023
The Swiss format implemented in Worlds 2023. Playback/Riot Games


Eight teams advance to the playoffs and play in a single-elimination format. At this stage all games are in MD3.

How the Worlds 2023 teams ranked

JDG (China)

JDG qualified for the LoL world championship due to the LPL 2023 title. However, the team had already obtained the spot in advance, because even if it did not win the decision, it would be the team with the highest championship points, getting the second seed Of region.

Bilibili Gaming (China)

With the JDG title, Bilibili Gaming secured China’s second spot at Worlds 2023 through championship points, as it was the runner-up of the first split. With that, Bin’s team didn’t even have to play the regional final.

LNG (China)

LNG was the runner-up of the second split of the 2023 LPL, but their championship points weren’t enough to secure the spot anyway, so they had to play in the Regional Final. LNG beat EDG in the first round and secured a place in the LoL world.

Weibo Gaming (China)

Weibo Gaming was the last LPL team to qualify for Worlds 2023. The team beat EDG in the regional final to secure the fourth spot in the region. The feat also marks the return of TheShy in the world of LoL.

Gen.G (Korean)

Gen.G won T1 and secured their third championship in LCK 2023, as well as the 1st seed spot in Worlds 2023. However, Gen.G had already qualified early for the LoL world, because even if they lost the final , would still have the most championship points, which earns the second spot.

T1 (Korea)

T1 secured their spot at Worlds 2023 by beating KT Rolster and advancing to the LCK 2023 grand final. Even though they took runner-up, Faker and company had the most championship points and will represent the region as Seed 2. the first time that mid laner Faker will play a worlds at home.

NRG (North America)

NRG surprised and beat Cloud9 in the LCS 2023 2nd split final, so it will represent the region as Seed 1. However, due to the format of the competition, the team had already secured its spot in advance by being in the top 3 of the championship.

Cloud9 (North America)

Like NRG, Cloud9 secured their spot at Worlds 2023 early by placing in the top 3 of the tournament. Going to the final, the team had the chance to stay with Seed 1, but with the runner-up, it will represent the region as Seed 2.

Team Liquid (North America)

Team Liquid qualified by placing in the top 3 of the LCS. The team ended up losing to NRG in the semifinals, and thus finished the competition in third place.

MAD Lions (Europa)

MAD Lions beat Excel by 3-0 in the LEC and with that it nailed its place in the Worlds 2023 as it is already guaranteed in the top 3 of the competition. The team still has a chance to be champion of the last split of the LEC and thus guarantee the highest seed of the tournament.

G2 (Europa)

G2 is the current champion of the LEC 2023, and with the victory over Team BDS in the final season of the LEC, it is already guaranteed in the Top 3, which also places it among the European teams that will play in Worlds 2023.

DetonatioN FocusMe (Japan)

DEtonatioN FocusMe beat SoftBank HAWKS 3-2 in the LJL grand final and secured the region’s only spot at Worlds 2023. The greatest champions won their sixth straight championship after several controversies involving the organization at this stage. Including the ADC, Yutaponhad to play at the top after the tol2 case, former owner of the position.

Mais Esports will cover Worlds 2023 in person

As usual, the More Esports will provide full coverage of Worlds 2023, including representatives bringing content directly from South Korea. Follow the site to stay up to date with the game schedule, results, interviews and a lot of different content.

While we wait for the Worlds 2023, check out our coverage of the regional leagues that qualify for the LoL world cup. We have coverage of LCK 2023, LPL 2023, LEC 2023, LCS 2023 and of course CBLOL 2023.

Image to represent Worlds 2023, the world of LoL
(Image: Disclosure / Riot)

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