Now, only four teams remain in the Entry Phase do Worlds 2023, and they will compete for the two places in the Group Stage of the LoL World Cup. GAM e Team BDS they won their clashes in the early hours of this Saturday (14) and advanced in the competition.

GAM eliminates Brazilian team LOUD

The first series of the day placed GAM contra LOUD, Brazilian representative in the competition. The community was confident of victory, as the two teams had faced each other on the first day of the tournament and, on that occasion, Brazil won.

However, GAM prepared well and dominated LOUD, winning 2-0 and eliminating them from the competition. Check out the summary and repercussions of LOUD’s defeat, as well as interviews with the players after the defeat.

Team BDS vence a CFO

The second series of the day pitted Team BDS, the Playoff Round favorite, against CFO. Although the European team had some scares during the game, the series was relatively controlled and ended in another 2-0.

Confrontations that are worth a place in the Group Stage of Worlds 2023

With the result, we will have a repeat of the VCS final between GAM and Team Whales, which means that only one team from the region advances to the Group Stage. Next, Team BDS faces PSG Talon, taking the second spot. See the schedules:

  • Team Whales vs GAM – 05/10 às 00h
  • PSG Talon vs Team BDS – 05/10 at 04h (approximately)

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(Image: Disclosure/Riot Games)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in October 14, 2023edited 3 days ago


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