A LOUD lost to Gigabyte Marines 2-0 and it’s eliminated from Worlds 2023. In a rematch of their debut in the championship, the Vietnamese won and advanced to the MD5 qualifier.

With the defeat, the Brazilians return home with just one victory in the tournament and two consecutive defeats. If you prefer, go directly to:

LOUD x Marines summary – Worlds 2023

The first match was a real shock for the Brazilians. LOUD started very well, nullifying Levi’s Nocturne, but saw all of its advantage go down the drain with questionable decisions throughout the game. In the fights, the Marines got the better of them and took a 1-0 lead in the series.

The second game was almost a replay of the first, with LOUD starting well, but making bad decisions and making mistakes when executing plays. Taking advantage of this, GAM soon grew in the series and only needed to control the advantage acquired to emerge with the victory and 2-0 in the series.

See the statistics:

Repercussion of the defeat in the community

LOUD’s elimination had a lot of repercussions on social media. Spectators and even influential figures from the scene were frustrated and criticized the performance of some players in the series.

LS, a renowned community analyst, mentioned that LOUD’s draft in this series was one of the worst he has ever seen in international tournaments and criticized Robo and Croc’s performance.

See the main tweets about LOUD’s elimination:

Ceos talks about “hassle” in the series against GAM

In an interview on stage, Ceos, supporter of LOUD, spoke of “hassle” in the series against GAM.

I think, I wouldn’t say they read it that way, I didn’t feel like our draft was a problem. I think we were just a little flustered, they certainly changed a little from the first series, but I wouldn’t say they understood us and managed to counter us. I feel like today they just played better.

In an interview, Tinowns opens his heart about the defeat to GAM

In an exclusive interview with More Esports, Tinowns opened up about the elimination and spoke of great frustration with the result. He commented on the team’s mistakes and said that he had high expectations for the tournament. Check out:

Robo talks about the most frustrating series of his career

In a press conference, top laner Robo mentioned that this was the most frustrating series of his career.

We were on a path where we saw that it was possible, everyone believed that we could do it, we needed to beat two teams from Vietnam in a row and we beat one of them once, we showed that if we played our best, we could win, and that’s what makes me more frustrated. Knowing that if we had played our best, we could beat them, and because of that I’m very frustrated.

Croc has the worst LOUD performance

Croc was one of the players most criticized by the community due to his performance at Worlds 2023, and his numbers in the tournament were not good at all.

Croc had the most kills and worst KDA among LOUD players. Furthermore, this was also his worst international tournament, comparing KDA with Worlds 2022 and MSI 2023.

Confrontations that are worth a place in the Group Stage of Worlds 2023

With the result, we will have a repeat of the VCS final between GAM and Team Whales, which means that only one team from the region advances to the Group Stage. Next, Team BDS faces PSG Talon, taking the second spot. See the schedules:

  • Team Whales vs GAM – 05/10 às 00h
  • PSG Talon vs Team BDS – 05/10 at 04h (approximately)

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