O URF is simply the most popular custom mode in League of Legends, and also one of the most loved by the community. Therefore, a question that everyone asks themselves every year: When does URF come back in LoL??

Well, in this article you will discover When does URF enter LoL in 2024. Whenever Riot reveals a new date, we will update the text!

When will the next URF be in LoL in 2024?

O URF enters LoL on February 7thno patch 14.3, and you know no dia March 6at the end of the patch 14.4. See the full League patch update schedule.

What is URF mode in LoL?

URF Mode, also called Ultra Fast and Furious, is a Lo L mode in which all champions have the cooldown of their abilities drastically reduced. Furthermore, they don’t take mana or energy to use them, meaning you can use skills at will!

What are the types of URF in LoL?

LoL has two different types of URF, and one of them the community doesn’t really like, but plays anyway. See the two types:

  • URF: You can choose the champion you want to play in each match;
  • ARURF: All players drop random champions in each match. They can roll a die to trade for another random champion, or trade with someone else on the team;

Why is URF so popular in League?

URF is very popular due to the objective of the mode, which is pure beating! You don’t need to worry about skill recharge times or mana. Furthermore, champions earn gold just by being close to minions, and do not need to farm, which encourages them to look for more fights throughout the map.

Furthermore, because the cooldown time is greatly reduced, players end up creating new builds for LoL champions, which probably won’t work in conventional MOBA modes.

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