Riot Games released a new documentary that tells a little about the lives of some Riot Games players. VALUING. The first episode of UNTOLD brings SaadhakIGL yes LOUD which tells about his history in eSports.

A recognized name in the VALORANT scene, not only for being an exceptional player, but as an inspiration for many, Riot Games managed to show the Argentine’s story, marked by determination and evolution.

(Photo: Riot Games)

From Paladins Battlegrounds to the VALORANT Universe

Before joining the competitive VALORANT scene, Saadhak already had experience as a pro player in Paladins. However, his transition to Riot Games’ FPS was a pivotal moment in his career. Admitting his inexperience in the game, he saw in the so-called “Project A” an opportunity to stand out and leave your mark.

I didn’t understand anything about FPS, I just knew how to play, I knew how to shoot. I was like any ranked kid, I know how to shoot, but I don’t understand anything about the game. Then they announced Project A. I still remember when I saw the first announcement. I got hyped, crazy, then I said ‘this is it, this one. There I will make my story.

Saadhak’s Path to LOUD

After two years at LOUD, Saadhak reveals that the decision to join the organization was not an easy one. His initial aspiration was MIBR, but he was convinced by the seriousness and ambition of the LOUD project, thanks to figures such as Sacy e Jean OrtegaCEO of the team.

I didn’t know anything about LOUD, I had no idea. I said ‘LOUD?, it’s a really big team from BR that has a team in cell phone games’, I wanted to go to MIBR, a big org, Made In Brazil. Then Sacy said ‘bro, wait, let’s talk to Jean’. We were almost closed with MIBR.

League of Legends also present

While sharing his experience during the series, Saadhak revealed that he could have passed “about four, five years, just playing CS”. However, the launch of League of Legends It was a turning point, like a new passion and challenge.

I would have spent about four, five years just playing CS. Until they released League of Legends, then it was another part of my life. LoL, like many, sucked my life, my hopes and I remember that I became very addicted to the game.

Image of four LOUD players at VALORANT Champions 2022
(Photo: Riot Games)

O human children of Sadhak

During the documentary, Less shares his first impressions of playing with Saadhak, highlighting the Argentine’s concern in getting to know him not just as a player, but as a person. This human and empathetic approach contributed to building a relationship of respect and friendship between the two.

From the first moment he wasn’t the guy who just arrived and said ‘throw it in’. He arrived wanting to get to know me, wanting to know what I liked to play, what my maps were. He tried to get to know everything about me, asking about my family, about my life.

Less e Saadhak na LOUD VALORANT
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)


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