Consecrated by many fans as one of the best battle royales in recent years, the first Warzone had its servers shut down by Activision Blizzard this Thursday (21). Released in March 2020 as part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (o CoD at the time), the title attracted a legion of more than 100 million players in the first 13 months it was available.

In November last year, Activision released its successor, CoD: Warzone 2.0but also remained firm with the original game — which was renamed Warzone Caldera. At the time, employees of the battle royale stayed offline for 12 days for the news to arrive.

The decision to shut down the servers Warzone Caldera was released in June by Activision. According to the North American publisher, the reason for the closure is so that the company’s most “relevant” studios can pay more attention to the news that will come to the franchise — and, of course, the Warzone 2.0which will be the only battle royale of the house from now on.

“Thank you to the community of Call of Dutyas well as the producers, for making Warzone an incredible place to play together”, says the post on the official blog.

To celebrate the occasion and, of course, nostalgia, the Voxel listed the five best events in Warzone 1. Check it out below — remembering that it’s not in order from best to worst or anything like that!

Know Your History (Black Ops Cold War) — 1ª Temporada

The event Know Your History plunged the players Warzone on an exciting journey through the past, exploring iconic moments from the world wars. The seasonal period brought a turnaround to the battle royalewhere historical battles were recreated — but with a modern touch.

With new game modes inspired by historical conflicts, players were able to experience events that shaped the real world up close, while competing in intense firefights against others players us war fields.

Operation Monarch (Vanguard) — 3ª Temporada

Being a true celebration of the “monstroverse”, the Operation Monarch transformed Verdansk from Call of Duty: Warzone on a battlefield for two gigantic beasts: Godzilla and King Kong. The game’s plot immersed players in a plot filled with espionage, intrigue and, of course, lots of action.

The story involved the discovery of a secret organization that threatened the balance of the world, taking operators on challenging missions. In addition to the immersive narrative, the event introduced new game modes and themed rewards, as well as skins very cool colossi for operators.

Mercenaries of Fortune (Vanguard) — Season 4

Mercenaries of Fortune brought a real turnaround to Call of Duty: Warzone. The seasonal period introduced four teams of mercenaries to Fortune’s Keep — the third map to reach the battle royale. As a result, players had to fight not only against other players, but also against these groups of soldiers.

The event brought intense competition to the battlefields. The mercenary teams offered a new strategic dimension to the game, where your team’s tactics squad and individual skill were super important for the success of the mission.

’80s Action Heroes (Black Ops Cold War) — 3ª Temporada

Betting heavily on two legends of Hollywood cinema, the event ’80s Action Heroes brought an explosion of nostalgia to gamers Call of Duty: Warzone — especially fans of 80s action films.

The seasonal period brought John McClane (Hard to Kill) and John Rambo (Rambo) as playable operators, as well as themed modes and breathtaking missions. The event ’80s Action Heroes not only paid homage to these cinema icons, but also offered explosive action and the fun characteristic of films from that decade.

The Haunting of Verdansk (Modern Warfare) — Season 6

The Haunting of Verdansk brought a frightening twist to Call of Duty: Warzone. During the event, which took place in the 6th season of Modern Warfare, players not only fought against each other, but also against zombies. This added an extra layer of tension to the Verdansk battlefield, making for a truly terrifying experience.

In addition to intense fights against supernatural enemies, the event also brought a series of new skins and themed items Halloweenallowing players to customize their operators with very different looks.

What will happen to my Warzone 1 items and skins?

With the shutdown of servers Call of Duty: Warzone, you might be asking yourself: “ok, but what about everything I’ve achieved in the game over the last few years?”. Well, don’t worry.

After the closure of Caldera, all content acquired in multiplayer mode Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War e Vanguard will still be accessible to players. Furthermore, the shutdown of servers will have no impact on gameplay, inventory or progression in Al Mazrah — the current map of Warzone 2.0.

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