The community of CS:GO who is already playing CS 2 is asking the Valve put back a function that is considered “toxic” by many players, but it can be a good laugh at times, especially if you are playing against bad losers.

In CS 2, the community asks for the return of voice chat with opponents

The functionality in question is voice chat for opponents. Previously, in CS:GO, players could talk to their opponents at halftime and at the end of the match.

Obviously it is a role that brings a lot of toxicity, especially for the team that won, as the players who lost may be angry with the result. However, Reddit users remembered a moment that went viral in the community,

This is the one thing that would make or break CS2 for me. Bring back halftime chat!
byu/MikeMikeGaming inGlobalOffensive

According to some translations made by users, the player in question, who lost the game, did not believe that the opposing team was “pure” and said that he would get the replays and report them via hack. The publication had more than three thousand likes and brought a good laugh from users.

Despite many asking for the function in CS 2, it is unlikely that Valve will implement it, given the various cases of toxicity it can generate. The developer removed halftime and endgame chat from CS:GO in 2015, leaving players with just the text chat option to communicate with the enemy team.

When does CS 2 come out?

According to Valvethe new version of the game will arrive as a free update to CS:GO during the Brazilian winter, that is, at some point between June 21 and September 23, 2023.

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Bruno Rodrigues
published in September 19, 2023


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