This Thursday (21), making up for the last week, Epic Games presents its users with two new free games: Out of Line e The Forest Quartet. Interestingly, both titles have a very artistic feel, with the first being a 2D platform adventure with hand-drawn scenarios, and the second belonging to the same genre — but with a more exciting narrative about music.

In more detail, starting with Out of Line, the title follows the story of San in a mysterious world. In him, the boy must escape from a factory by solving riddles and various puzzles.

Check out the trailer for Out of Line:

The Forest Quartet is free on the Epic Store

Exciting, The Forest Quartet tells the story of a deceased vocalist, where the player controls her spirit on a journey to the rest of her band. The title is a 3D narrative adventure, also featuring several puzzles throughout your journey..

Check out the trailer for The Forest Quartet:

How do I redeem free games from the Epic Store?

For rescue Out of Line e The Forest Quartet no costs at Epic Storejust navigate to your free games page clicking hereaccess the desired title and click “To obtain”. It’s worth remembering that the offer is valid until next Thursday (28), at 12pm.

Outside the promotional period, a base version of Out of Line can be purchased on the Epic Store for R$ 21.59. Similarly, The Forest Quartet It is sold for R$26.99.

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