With their debut in Group B, the Sentinels will play its first match in the VCT KICKOFF Americas against LOUD this Saturday (17). During a conversation with caster Wyatt River, the CEO of Sentinels, Rob Mooremocked the draw of the groups.


Rob Moore mocks KICKOFF Americas draw

KICKOFF Americas 2024 Group B includes teams such as LOUD, Leviathan e 100Thievesconsidered by many as “death group”. Rob shared his thoughts on the group draw and the coincidence of always being in the toughest groups.

We received the official table more than a week before it was announced to the public. When we saw the table, we asked ourselves, ‘How are we so lucky in these draws?’ Last year, at LOCK//IN, which was also based on a draw, we faced FNATIC right away in a single elimination tournament.

Furthermore, the CEO highlighted the difficulty, especially due to facing LOUD in its debut, with Leviatán also in the group.

Now we have been drawn to face LOUD in the debut and we still have Leviatán in the group. How lucky do we have to be to land in the same group as two of the favorite teams.

Sentinels no KICKOFF Americas

With Zellsis as a starter and a bench player, Sentinels debut in VCT KICKOFF Americas on February 17th, at 7pm, Brasília time, against LOUD. The championship will give the two best teams a place in the Masters Madrid.

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