If you want to learn to how to download VALORANT on Notebook and PC in 2024 It’s because he was also captivated by the FPS of Riot Games. Launched in 2020, the game is a real success and has already surpassed 20 million monthly players. Next, see how easy it is to download and install VALORANT.

How to download Valorant on notebook and PC in 2024

Step 1: For lower or VALUE, you first need to access the game’s official website. Now, click on the “Play free” in the center of the screen or “Play now” located in the upper right corner.

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Step 2: Then log in with your Riot account. If you don’t have an account, simply select the option to create one.

How to download VALORANT Step 2
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Step 3: After creating your account or selecting the “Log in” option in the previous step, you will be directed to this screen. Just write your username and password to proceed.

How to download VALORANT Step 3
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Step 4: After logging in, simply click the “Download” button to start downloading the VALORANT installer. Save the file to your preferred location.

How to download VALORANT Step 4
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Step 5: With the installer downloaded, go to the location where you saved it and select it. Now just click “Install” to start downloading VALORANT.

How to download VALORANT Step 5
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Step 6: A new window will appear showing the download progress. Just wait for it to complete.

How to download VALORANT Step 6
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Step 7: After the game has been downloaded and installed, you just need to click “Play” to start having fun in VALORANT.

How to download VALORANT Step 7
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VALORANT minimum requirements in 2024

Before lower or VALUE, you need to know if your computer can run the game. As it is considered a light FPS, it can work even on weaker and older machines depending on the graphic quality chosen by the player. Check the game’s minimum requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 ou AMD Athlon 200GE
  • Video card: Intel HD 4000 ou AMD Radeon R5 200
  • Memory: 4GB Ram
  • VRAM: 1 GB
  • Operational system: Windows 10 x64 or Windows 11×64
  • In case of Windows 11you need to enable TPM 2.0 and UEFI Secure Boot

If you want to run the game with a higher FPS, you will need a more powerful computer. You can check VALORANT’s recommended requirements, including the settings needed to run it at more than 144 FPS.

Common questions about downloading VALORANT in 2024

Where to download VALORANT?

VALORANT can be downloaded from the official Riot Games website, Epic Games or Xbox Game Pass.

Where can I play VALORANT?

For now, VALORANT is only available on PC. The mobile version is still being produced by Riot Games.

Is there a way to download VALORANT on your cell phone?

There is no way to download VALORANT on your cell phone, for now it is only available on PC.

Where is VALORANT on PC?

VALORANT is usually located on Disk C > Riot Games > VALORANT. However, the path may change depending on how you installed it.

Can you play VALORANT on your laptop?

Yes, VALORANT is available for PCs and notebooks.

How much does VALORANT cost on Steam?

VALORANT is completely free and is not available on Steam.

Why won’t VALORANT install?

When VALORANT doesn’t install, the problem is usually some protection from your anti-virus. Check if it is incompatible with the game.

Why doesn’t VALORANT start?

Make sure VANGUARD is installed and started, as without Riot’s anti-cheat, it is not possible to start VALORANT.

Now that you know how to download VALORANT on Notebook and PCgather your friends and join the servers to have fun and level up.

Did you like the game so much that you want to buy skins and customize your arsenal? Check the prices of VALORANT Points, the game’s official currency, and how to get Radianite Points, tokens that change the appearance of cosmetics. You can also learn how to change your nickname by clicking here.

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