Ancient generations gave us gifts in different ways. In addition to games that left a mark on many people’s imagination, these consoles also received a variety of accessories, some of them were at least curious.

Did you know, for example, that the Game Boy had sonar to help you fish? Or that Sega worked on motion sensor control for Mega Drive? If you want to know or remember, it is exactly about items like this that we will talk about in the following lines.

7. 3D Glasses for Famicon

Famicom had a 3D accessory long before the Virtual Boy, but it also didn’t work out and failed in sales.Source: Famicom World/Reproduction

Anyone who thinks that Nintendo’s first attempt in the 3D world was the Virtual Boy is wrong. If you doubt it, just look at this accessory that was released for the Famicom, the Japanese NES.

The item’s appearance is a bit reminiscent of the Virtual Boy, but it appears to be more comfortable than the former accessory. However, the virtual glasses for Famicom had the same path as its successor, being considered a sales failure by Mario’s house.

6. Sonar para Game Boy

Anyone who enjoys good fishing knows that there are several accessories to improve the sport experience. Although, possibly none of them compare to this sonar for Game Boy.

This accessory was developed by Bandai exclusively for the Japanese market, being capable of operating approximately 19 meters underwater. Furthermore, it was a good helper for fishing fans as it allowed them to use the laptop screen to check if there were fish in the surrounding area.

5. Konami LaserScope

Between the 1980s and 1990s, various forms of entertainment had a very curious take on something considered futuristic. If you want proof of what we’re talking about, just look at the LaserScope, launched by Konami in 1991.

The proposal here was to offer hands-free gameplayequipping an accessory that looked more like an item to check the opponent’s KI in Dragon Ball Z. For it to work, all you have to do is look in the desired direction and shout “fire” into the microphone, which was certainly very curious for the period.

4. Console banking

If successful, the Super Nintendo would function as a precursor to Internet Banking.If successful, the Super Nintendo would function as a precursor to Internet Banking.Source: The Gamer/Reproduction

This one unfortunately didn’t see the light of day due to the high costs, but it would be interesting to say the least. After all, the purpose of this accessory would be allow access to the home bank account, using the Super Nintendo for this purpose.

The package in question consisted of a special cartridge for carrying out various banking transactions, as well as a keyboard for this activity. Obviously, it wouldn’t work in every country in the world, but it would be very visionary if it had reached stores.

3. Palmtop para Dance Dance Revolution

For those who wanted to stay on the couch playing Dance Dance Revolution, this palmtop was a gym for your fingers.For those who wanted to stay on the couch playing Dance Dance Revolution, this palmtop was a gym for your fingers.Source: The Gamer/Reproduction

Many people knew two ways to play Dance Dance Revolution: using a dance mat or with your own controller. Although, A third option was also made available on the market: a palmtop.

For those who wanted to sit on the couch and still have the true experience of Dance Dance Revolution, this accessory was recommended. It was released for PS1, and basically required moving your fingers quickly over the sensors in the form of arrows and buttons to dance to the music.

2. Exercise bike

Exercise bike was one of the most popular accessories "differences" of the 1990s.Exercise bikes were one of the most “different” accessories of the 1990s.Source: The Gamer/Reproduction

And look at Nintendo here once again. This time, the proposal was an accessory capable of keeping any player up to date with their health, since we are talking about a really functional Super Nintendo exercise bike.

Made by Life Fitness, the Extertainment exercise bike works with two specific games: Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally e Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally/Speed Racer Combo. It also has an adapted control on the equipment’s two handlebars, but it ended up not being very popular among players.

1. Activator

Sega has always been known for being a visionary company. One proof of this is that, well before the Wii, the company had already launched a motion sensor controller for the Mega Drive.

Activator was launched in the early 1990s as an attempt at controller-free gaming. The player positioned himself on a structure that was on the floor and was able to capture movements such as jumps, kicks and punches. However, precision didn’t help much, and this ended up hindering the item’s sales.

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