Scheduled for release in 2025, Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) promises to maintain Rockstar Games’ tradition of innovating open world and narrative structures. At the same time, the title must also feature the central characteristics of the series, such as violence and the ability to allow players to cause chaos wherever they go.

One of the elements that has always contributed greatly to this is the famous cheating. With the right codes, players can become true weapons of mass destructionplaying with the mechanics created by the studio in a very unusual and fun way.

In this article, we have gathered 7 of the codes that we want to see back in GTA 6 and that have everything to contribute to the fun of the game. Their intention is not to break the difficulty or facilitate progress in the campaign, but rather ahelp the player increase their fun as he watches the world burn around him.

7 – GTA 6 needs invincibility

In its most recent episodes, the GTA series adopted a gameplay system that encourages taking cover behind obstacles to avoid a quick death. With an invincibility code, this is no longer mandatory, and you will be able to use your entire arsenal without worrying about being the victim of a stray bullet that will quickly put an end to your fun.

6 – All weapons

Once you’re invincible, it’s time to make sure your arsenal is up to date and ready to set Vice City on fire. The franchise has always been generous with the number of weapons it offers, which usually range from pistols and rifles to grenade launchers and rockets. In the new game, we won’t settle for anything less than the return of the classic chainsaw from the original Vice City.

A weapons code should help bring chaos to GTA 6Source: Disclosure/Rockstar Games

5 – Violent pedestrians

For GTA 6 to really reveal all its chaos, it is essential that it has a code to make its pedestrians violent. Such cheats have been available in the series since GTA 3 made its debut and have proven that there is nothing that contributes more to chaos than people who decide to attack the first thing that crosses their path.

4) A mode that gets everyone drunk

In a city full of guns and violent pedestrians, one of the only ways to make things more dangerous (and fun) is to face it all drunk. A dedicated code could immediately increase the protagonists’ blood alcohol level, making the game’s direction more complicated and making each fight a true lesson in lack of coordination.

Drunk characters should help Vice City become more dangerousDrunk characters should help Vice City become more dangerousSource: Disclosure/Rockstar Games

3 – A code to access all vehicles in GTA 6

The series has always been known for its wide variety of vehicles, hiding some of them in certain points on the map or blocking them behind some missions. With a dedicated code, choosing the one you prefer shouldn’t be a difficult task. In the past, the franchise has brought cheats of this type dedicated to specific options, such as the battle tank in GTA 3 and the planes in GTA 5.

How about being able to have the vehicle you want at any time?How about being able to have the vehicle you want at any time?Source: Disclosure/Rockstar Games

2 – Lower the wanted level

Although the GTA series has a lot of chaotic elements, every now and then all you want is to be able to take a breather and escape to a safe place. Therefore, returning a code to lower the wanted level can be a good option to have a moment of calm. All this, of course, so you can regroup your forces and plan new ways to increase Vice City’s crime rate.

Lowering the wanted level would be very beneficial for GTA 6Lowering the wanted level would be very beneficial for GTA 6Source: Disclosure/Rockstar Games

1 – GTA 6 needs the return of Jetpack

One of the most memorable moments in GTA San Andreas is when CJ gets the jetpack, freeing himself from the constraints of traffic and revealing the map in a way never seen before. We want to have a similar feeling in the new game in the seriesand we won’t be content with it coming in the form of the flying car cheats from the latest chapters.

And you, which cheat would you like to see in GTA 6? Still without a release date, the game will return to the city of Vice City in what promises to be the biggest chapter in its history.


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