O VALUING It captivates players because it is a game with a story behind it and that, in addition to playing, also involves a lot of music in its releases. Additionally, on reddit, a player created the “Each Agent’s Playlist”.

When Riot Games decides to launch an agent, an important Act or an International championship, there is always a song related to it, like the Astra com Visions, Gekko com >one – greater than one and the iconic songs of Champions as Fire Again, Ticking Away e Die For You.

This time, the user considered the 23 available agents and created playlists inspired by the personality traits of each of them.

Valorant Agent Playlists
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Check out the VALORANT Agents playlist

1. Viper

(Photo: Disclosure/Spotify)

Viper, controller of VALORANT appears with a playlist focused on Pop. The agent has a more mysterious style and if the toxins don’t kill the prey, her mind games certainly will.

Furthermore, Pop singer, Billie Eilish, Britney Spears and Doja Cat frequently appear on her music album.

You can listen to Viper playlist no Spotify.

2. Jett

Jett Playlist VALORANT
(Photo: Disclosure/Spotify)

With his agility and aerial skills, Jett personifies freedom and speed. Her playlist is a mix of upbeat songs and girl power that reflects the agent’s personality.

With bands like New Jeans and singer The Weeknd.

You can listen to playlist of Jett no Spotify.

3. Reyna

Reyna Playlist VALORANT
(Photo: Disclosure/Spotify)

Raised in the heart of Mexico, Reyna dominates individual combat, her capacity is only limited by her own expertise, that is, she has a stronger and more vengeful personality.

Her playlist features songs by American rapper, Ashnikko and Sub Urban.

You can listen to playlist da Reyna no Spotify.

4. Chamber

Chamber VALORANT Playlist
(Photo: Disclosure/Spotify)

Well-dressed and armed to the teeth, French weapons creator Chamber sets enemies running with deadly precision. Furthermore, the agent’s musical style is more linked to songs by Tally Hall, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

You can listen to playlist de Chamber no Spotify.

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-qual-e-o-estilo-musical-de-cada-agente-e-sua-playlist

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