The Brazilian gaming community is about to receive two new accessories from PlayStation on April 26: the wireless headset Pulse Explorefor R$ 1,299.90, and the Adaptador USB do PlayStation Linkfor R$149.90.

These releases, now available for pre-order, promise to enrich the gaming experience on PlayStation 5 with significant advances in audio and connectivity. Find out more below!

Pulse Explore

Fonte:  PlayStation

O Pulse Explore promises to introduce a new dimension of audio in games, thanks to its flat magnetic drivers, which offer sound reproduction with rich details and minimal distortion. This headset is designed to provide a listening experience that faithfully reflects the intentions of game developers, complemented by an artificial intelligence-based noise cancellation system.

With a battery life of up to five hours, which can be extended to 15 hours with the charging case, it can be a good option for extended gaming sessions.

Adaptador PlayStation Link USB

Fonte:  PlayStation

O Adaptador USB do PlayStation Link offers an option for gamers looking to improve their wireless audio connection with their PS5 console, PCs, and Macs. This device aims to reduce the latency common in Bluetooth connections and maintain the integrity of transmitted audio, important features for games that depend on precise synchronization between on-screen action and sound.

Unlike standard Bluetooth, which can introduce delays and audio compression, the adapter aims to provide a more direct, high-quality audio experience. The promise is a more fluid transition between compatible devices, without interrupting the gaming experience with possible disconnections or loss of sound quality.

Additional features and compatibility

The Pulse Explore headset is not just limited to the gaming experience. With two integrated microphones, it offers the flexibility to answer calls and communicate with teammates, making it versatile for use in different contexts, whether in games or everyday calls.

The PlayStation Link USB Adapter, in turn, not only promises to improve the sound experience, but also makes it easier to connect audio devices to the PS5 console and other compatible devices. This allows for broader integration with the user’s device ecosystem, extending the adapter’s usefulness beyond gaming.

According to the company, both devices are designed to work harmoniously within the PlayStation ecosystem, ensuring that users have a cohesive and integrated experience, whether playing games, watching media or communicating with friends and teammates.

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