Monogram International has put up for pre-sale a set of blind-bag keychains from the 3D Foam Collector Bag Clips line to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the theatrical release of Disney’s first animated film in 70mm widescreen, the classic Sleeping Beauty on the day January 29, 1959.

The Sleeping Beauty 65th Anniversary 3D Foam Bag Clips set comes with keychains decorated with foam dolls of characters from Disney’s 16th animated feature film, including young Briar Rose (Princess Aurora) and Prince Phillip, fairies Fauna, Flora and Merryweather, Cake Cake, Rabbit in Boot, the witch Maleficent, the raven Diablo and two more rare chases: Owl in Prince Outfit and Maleficent Dragon.

The keychains come individually packaged in “blind bag” bags with surprise contents and have plastic clips to be used on your purse, backpack or keys. Each keychain measures around 5 cm tall and the collection has been officially licensed by Disney.

The set of 6 blind bags from the Sleeping Beauty 65th Anniversary 3D Foam Bag Clips collection costs US$34.99 on pre-order from Entertainment Earth, which accepts orders from Brazil.

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Keychains Sleeping Beauty 65 Years 3D Figural Bag Clips (Disney)


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