This is a very happy time for those looking forward to Final Fantasy VII Rebirthas there is only a week left until the big premiere of the sequel — scheduled for February 29th.

Well, the joy, for now, is only for PlayStation 5 players, as the remake will only arrive on the Sony console on this occasion. MWill the game also be released for Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC??

Well, unfortunately Square Enix has not yet officially revealed whether Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will come to Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch or PC. However, some well-connected industry insiders have discussed this possibility recently — but treat the information with caution, as it is just rumors.

A leaker NateTheHatea well-credible source, went to the forum Famiboards and said that Square Enix has no plans to take Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for other non-PlayStation consoles at this time.

Asked by forum members about a potential debut on the Nintendo Switch 2, he said that “FF VII Remake It’s not currently in the plans.” “Could that happen eventually? Clear. Is this a plan currently being considered? No. If Square Enix wants to do this, they can and will; but such a plan does not exist at the moment”, said the insider.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth achieved very high marks on Metacritic.Source: PS Store

Jez Corden, a well-connected journalist from Windows Central, believes that this could end up happening eventually. He says he received “provisional evidence” from discussions about Final Fantasy VII Remake no Xboxbut suggests that Sony and Square Enix would not want to “take the shine” off the game’s debut by releasing it on another platform at the moment.

“I have received provisional evidence that there are discussions about Final Fantasy VII Remake no Xbox”, disse Corden no podcast The Xbox Two. “But I agree with you that both [Sony e Square Enix] wouldn’t want to take away the shine of Rebirth now with the launch of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on Xbox; but I think it will happen”, explained the journalist.

After a year, the first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake arrived on PC

Well, despite the not-so-good news, not everything is 100% lost and there is still a spark of hope. It is worth remembering that the first part of Final Fantasy VII Remakelaunched in 2020, arrived on PC the following year with the version Intergrade — which also comes with the Yufie expansion and other extra content.

Although the debut on computers took place a year later, FF VII Remake has not yet been released for Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. Could this change in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Comment your expectations for the sequence on the social networks of the Voxel!


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