Leo Faria global director of VALUING, participated in PlatChat, a podcast with casters and guests this Wednesday (7). Furthermore, the director spoke about various topics such as the skins of the teams in League of Franchises and also about the current situation of regional leagues in the Challengers.

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Leo Faria talks about the Challengers situation and its difficulties

During the program, Leo Faria was asked by one of the casters, Wyatt, about the current situation of the Challengers. Mainly in relation to the difficulties that teams in the South American region encounter due to the lack of training with the squads of the Franchise League (Tier 1) which is headquartered in Los Angeles and also regarding the “path to being a professional player”

Furthermore, Wyatt talked about how difficult it will be for players to reach the top because they don’t have training against the best teams. According to Leo Faria, some problems are difficult to find solutions to and Riot is open to listening to feedback.

This is a big problem to solve. I believe we see the same problem in Western Europe and Eastern Europe, teams in Turkey are unable to train with their partner teams in Berlin. It’s a real problem and there is no easy solution. If the league were in São Paulo or Santiago, Chile and not in LA, we would have the same problem, but the opposite and the North American teams would not be able to train.

VCB stage
VCT Brazil 2022 Stage (Disclosure/Riot Games)

Riot already had the idea of ​​making leagues rotate

Leo Faria also revealed that Riot’s initial idea was to do a rotation. However, this option is not available as teams need to build infrastructure. Furthermore, he stated that this is not about Riot, because it has the necessary structure.

There is no perfect solution! Our dream when we started the VCT designer about 2 1/2 years ago was to have a rotating league to do a division at each location, which is simply not available. It’s not about Riot, because of course we have studios and all the infrastructure, but it’s not available to the teams. When they come to settle in a city they need to settle down to the end, they need to build infrastructure, employ people and rotation to other itineraries for the league are simply not available.

Finally, Leo Faria stated that Riot Games is always open to listening to new ideas and also receiving feedback on the situation.

So again, a really hard problem to solve, we are actively involved in building it. One of our hopes in Challengers is to open up more circuits, styles of ecosystems, there are many teams to play tournaments in any region with your territory or if you have a team in NA territory, you can play in NA tournaments, in South America and in Central America. So that’s one way of thinking about the problem, but I’m trying to say that it’s one of those that doesn’t have a perfect solution. And we are open to ideas, thoughts and feedback.

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