Sony’s portable market has never been the company’s strong point — and examples like the PS Vita and PS Portal can illustrate this very well. It appears that the Japanese giant may be investing more effort in the follow-up, as it is reportedly working together with AMD on a potential PS Vita 2.

According to information from “Moore’s Law is Dead”, a YouTube technology channel, Sony’s new laptop would currently be in the “high-level design” phase. There is also speculation that o PlayStation Vita 2 will come equipped with a custom AMD APU with 18 CUs to run PS4 and PS5 games available on the PlayStation Store.

The channel theorizes that the PS Vita 2 could take a considerable amount of time to see the light of day and only arrive in the PS6 generation, that is, if it receives the green light for launch. Apparently, it won’t have its own suite of games and would essentially run PS4 and PS5 titles with “pro-type updates” specific to the platform.

At the conclusion of this part of the video, Moore’s Law is Dead “100% confirms” that a new PlayStation handheld is in early development. Although the first PS Vita was not as successful in sales, he justifies that a follow-up console “makes sense” for Sony currently, given that other devices on the market, such as the Switch itself, have a very loyal audience.

Remember the PS Vita?

With an elegant and compact design, the PS Vita was launched in 2011 by Sony — and at that time it had a 5-inch touch-sensitive OLED screen. The laptop also incorporated a rear touchpad, as well as motion sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity, providing gamers with a wide range of interaction options.

The PS Vita sold around 16 million units in its lifetime.Fonte:  PlayStation

Its library wasn’t the best, but it still had some notable games there, including names like Persona 4 Golden, Uncharted: Golden Abyss e Gravity Rushwhich fully exploited the potential of the hardware.

Despite its advanced technology for the time, the PS Vita faced challenges in the market, especially with the rise of mobile devices — but it was undeniable that it had a lot of quality. In its entire useful life, the notebook sold only 16 million units (approximately).

PS Vita 2 has not been officially confirmed so far

It is worth highlighting that the text is based on rumors from a third-party channel. Until now, Sony has not yet officially confirmed the production of the PS Vita 2 – therefore, treat the text with caution.

Of course, stay tuned to the channels Voxel to be the first to know when this happens!


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