Riot had already revealed the victorious skin of the 2nd ranked season 2023and it is about Tryndamere Victorious. However, at the time, the company had revealed a “prototype” of the champion’s art. This Tuesday (7), the final version was revealed.

Victorious Tryndamere skin art

(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

See also the video of her in game:

When will the Victorious Tryndamere skin arrive in League in 2024?

A skin Tryndamere Vitoriosa will be delivered to patch 14.4scheduled for the day February 22, 2024. See the list of League patch update dates.

Who gets the Victorious Tryndamere skin?

Those who have had at least 80 stage points to eat Gold or greater, or who finished with more than 1000 stage points not it Iron, Bronze or Talk.

Bruno Rodrigues
published in February 7, 2024


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