O VALUING has changed since it was first released in 2020, now the game has 23 agents to choose from. While some are better options than others, Astra is an agent who had low pick rates.

Astra, Valorant agent (Photo: Riot Games)

The Ghanaian agent maintained just a 1.5% pick rate in the Episode 8, Act 1, according to Blitz.gg. However, some players don’t seem to know what the reasons are.

VALORANT Players Confused About Why “Nobody” Uses Astra

In a post on Reddit, a VALORANT player put up a thread discussing Astra, particularly addressing why no one seems to use the Agent.

Why doesn’t anyone play Astra? I always thought that no one catches her at low or high Elo.

I watch a lot of professional Radiante players/players and even in professional matches, but there is no Astra yet.

In the responses, others also noticed, noting few players choosing her in their lobbies. However, according to some, there are several reasons why this is the case.

In Low Elo no one plays her because she is too difficult and in High Elo everyone prefers Omen because you can fragment better.

Additionally, they noted that West African Agent needs a lot of coordination to have an impact, which you can only have so much when playing and Omen is currently in a good position in the meta while Astra is lacking in some areas.

Banner of Astra do VALORANT
VALORANT Astra Banner (Disclosure/Riot Games)

Pickrate da Astra no VCT KICKOFF

Mais Esports also looked for the agent’s statistics on VCT KICKOFF and through VLR obtained the following information:

  • VCT Americas – 15% pick rate
  • VCT EMEA – 9% pick rate
  • VCT Pacifico – 8% pick rate
  • VCT CN – only appeared in one game

Last changes happened in Episode 7

However, as Astra has not seen any changes since the Episode 7with some being small nerfs, the Agent is long overdue for some adjustments.

That said, it will be interesting to see if anything changes if Riot puts her in the spotlight in a future update.

Raquel Ferreira
published in February 24, 2024

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-jogadores-ficam-confusos-sobre-por-que-ninguem-usa-astra

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