Riot is testing an item change Runna that is giving something to talk about in the community of League of Legends.

Currently, the item only works for champions with ranged attacks, but on the PBE (testing environment), it is also working for melee champions.

On Twitter, YouTuber Vandiril published a video of some melee champions using the item. The curious thing is that the additional projectiles also activate champion passives, as is the case with Braum’s Passive and Vi’s Passive, for example.

Check out:

In addition to the change to melee champions, Runnan’s passive will also work with On-Hit effects, such as Urgot’s W.

Additionally, it was noted that the effect of the additional projectiles also triggers ability cooldown reduction for certain champions. For example, the Master Yi there is a 1 second reduction in your Q for each basic attack performed, so with Runnan, the reduction ends up being 3 seconds for each attack. Check out:

It is worth noting that many changes that arrive on the PBE are not implemented for the official server, so it does not mean that the new Runnan will actually arrive in patch 14.4 or later.

(Image: Disclosure/Vandiril)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in February 24, 2024


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