The award for the Minas Awards Cup took place last Sunday (17), with the presence of important figures from the inclusive VALUING. In total, 13 categories were awarded during the event.

Check out all the winners of the Taça das Minas Awards:

  • Best Duelist – dodsvlr
  • Best Launcher – pannshi
  • Best Controller – shizue
  • Best Sentinel – luizavlr
  • Best Flex – speedy
  • Best Coach – zuzufps
  • Best Narrator – Thaís Quinzel
  • Best Commentator – Nay Dornelas
  • Best Host – White Landi
  • Craque da Galera – lulefps
  • Best Play – wavedvlr
  • Best Watch Party – Naper
  • Personality of the CUP – mistoca

The event took place at the headquarters of O Plano and it was also announced that in 2024 other modalities will be present in the award. The event also featured a showmatch between the srN and the team Naper.

The Taça das Minas was made official as the first award ceremony dedicated to the inclusive esports scene in Brazil.

(Photo: Disclosure/Taça das Minas)
Raquel Ferreira
published in December 18, 2023


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