The video game landscape could be on the verge of significant change with the possible release of PS5 Proa console that, according to speculation, could compete in performance with the beefiest PCs.

Known behind the scenes as Project Trinitythe device is being discussed as a potential competitor to high-end video cards used in desktopspromising to raise the standard of performance on consoles.

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PS5 Pro improvements

Although Sony recently launched the PS5 Slim, speculation about a more powerful model continues to gain momentum. According to leaked information, the Pro version will feature a new core-based N4P TSMC node AMD Zen 2, similar to those of the original model. However, clock speeds are expected to be increased to up to 4.4GHzand the graphics architecture will also receive a big boost.

There are disagreements between the leaks about the number of computing units, some claim that there will be 60 out of 64 available, while others suggest a slightly smaller number. If the predictions are correct, and the PS5 Pro uses 60 compute units, this could translate into 3840 Stream Processors, a configuration that mirrors that of the AMD RX 7800 XT.

More performance in Ray Tracing

Furthermore, being based on a new TSMC node and sporting an RDNA 3 graphics chip, the model could see a huge performance leap in ray tracing workloads. A user in It will reset claims that RT improvements from the upcoming RDNA 4 architecture are being implemented in the Pro version, which would mean a significant performance boost compared to standard hardware.

a PlayStation

There is speculation that the new device could be launched in November 2024. However, it’s important to remember that all of this information is based on leaks and rumors, and should be treated with caution until Sony makes an official announcement.

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