The launch of VALUING Mobile will take place in January 2024, according to information leaked by a leaker. According to information, the beta version of the game will arrive next year, globally.

VALORANT Mobile leaks information

The leaker, Sarge, shared details about the development of the mobile game through his social networks. In October, he advanced some aspects of the production and emphasized the Riot team’s effort to provide an experience close to the PC version.

Organizations that should enter the modality

Previously, the CEO of LOUD, Bruno PlayHard, stated what the conditions were for the organization to enter the competitive scenario. Furthermore, the page informed new organizations that should join the competition.

The CEO of Leviathan also commented on the matter and stated that the organization is 100% sure that it will join when the game is officially launched.

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Raquel Ferreira
published in December 18, 2023


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