Iso, new agent VALUING which will be released next Tuesday (31) is voiced by Brazilian Yuri Chesman. The voice actor also provides the voice of Gaara of Naruto, Gon of Hunter x Hunter and other characters.

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The Chinese agent was released by Riot Games recently. Furthermore, Yuri Chesman commented on what it was like being the character’s voice actor.

I’m very happy to be part of the world of VALORANT, giving voice to Iso. It was a gift I received. Localizing games is always a challenge, but working on a game this large is a double challenge.

The direction made by Marcelo Campos also helped the voice actor when entering the world of games and mainly because he was a Chinese agent.

With Marcelo Campos’ careful and assertive direction, I was able to understand the personality and purposes of this disciplined Chinese agent. In fact, the mix between Asian discipline and Iso’s sudden jokes was very enjoyable. I’m a Kung Fu teacher, and voicing a Chinese agent is a pleasure. The most fun part was ‘trying’ to reproduce words and small phrases in Mandarin.

Who is Yuri Chesman?

Chesman was born in São Paulo on November 14, 1984, and in addition to being a voice actor, he is a dubbing director.

His main works in drawings were in Naruto, with the character Gaara, Digimon Data Squad, as Agumon and as young Gohan, in Dragon Ball Z (Cell Saga).

When does the new VALORANT agent arrive?

The arrival of VALORANT Act 3 Episode 7 is scheduled for the day October 31stthis should be the release date of the game’s new character.

In addition to new agentplayers can expect the introduction of new cosmetic content for the Battle Passskin collections and a host of other exciting new features.

ISO new VALORANT 1 agent
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Raquel Ferreira
published in October 26, 2023


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