O CS2 was recently released. The game’s competitive edge, originating from CS:GO, continues to crawl in the new title of the franchise. However, the pieces are moving and shuffling all the squads we saw in CS:GO.

Even at the beginning you can see that the transfer market is hot and busy. Amid exchanges, purchases, controversies and much more, organizations are in the game to reinforce their teams, aiming for the future of competitive Counter-Strike.

International scenario on fire

In the last two days, news has shaken the scene with three cases: Heroic, NAVI e Cloud9. The first was involved in a controversy with staff, forgery e cadiaN; NAVI saw its main player, s1mple, announce a career break; Cloud9 will not have sh1ro not starting quintet.

Photo: HLTV

In addition Liquid is close to signing two Brazilians for the continuation of the 2023 season: the coach zeus and the player skullz. On the contrary, rumors indicate that NAVI, with the departure of s1mple, has conversations with UNIFIER.

The Danish dupreeh He left the Vitality bench for Heroic’s starting quintet. Already hemp is no longer part of the cast Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The scenario in Brazil

On the national scene, there are also many changes. Among teams that spent a short time with the squad before a complete reformulation and return to Counter-Strike, Brazilian organizations also made changes during this period.

A The Union, for example, dismissed its entire cast with the arrival of CS2. On the other hand, the Red Canids returned to competitive Counter-Strike. Speaking of the Pack, there was a curious situation on this lap. In the announcement, the organization presented b4rtiN as a player, on loan from Legacy. However, the coldzera team requested the return of the player, who will leave Red Canids.

O Flamengo dismissed its entire cast after just four months for a complete overhaul. To replace the old team, Rubro-Negro hired the quintet that played for the tag ONE THOUSAND. O Flow signed the player with the highest number of CSRating points: chay will be part of the team.

More changes

The market remains at the beginning and current movements indicate a strong trend of important changes in teams. Whatever level it is, teams are looking for players to take advantage of the moment of transition to stand out. With the recent news, we can expect anything in the period.

brazilian fans major rio
Brazilian fans at IEM Rio Major 2022. Photo: ESL

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