Spider-Man 2 has finally been released and the world can now experience the adventures of Peter Parker and Miles Morales. In addition to the main missions, the duo also has to deal with a wide variety of secondary objectives, including hunting down Spider-Bots.

In this article, Voxel helps you find all the little robots spread across the map. In total, there are 42 collectibles that, at the end, yield a trophy and a surprise scene. See below:

Tips on how to find Spider-Bots in Spider-Man 2

Spider-Bots are the only collectibles in Spider-Man 2 that are not marked on the map for the player. Your mission is to find them all, depending only on the signals they emit on the screen as you walk around the city.

Generally, Spider-Bots are hidden in important locations in Spider-Man’s history — but that’s not a rule. It’s always worth checking the most important points in the city to see if there are any robots there.

The Spider-Bot emits a distinct signal on the player’s screen.Source: Igor Almenara/TecMundo

While walking around the city, pay attention to the signals emitted by the Spider-Bots. They shine on the screen quite evidently, in addition to making a specific sound. When close to the robot, DualSense also helps you locate the little robotbut you need to be patient.

Finally, pay attention to the district progress tab on the map screen. There, you can check how many Spider-Bots you have collected from a certain region.

Where are the Spider-Bots located? Spider-Man 2?

Next, check out the exact location of all the spider-bots in Spider-Man 2. The images below show the robot’s location on the map, as well as the name of each of them. Spider-bots are marked in the image as the player’s cursor and a yellow circle.

1. Greenwich – Spider-Bot – Spider-Man 2099

Source: Igor Almenara/TecMundo

2. Little Odessa – Spider-Bot – Black Cat Noir

Source: Igor Almenara/TecMundo

3. Upper West Side – Spider-Bot – Dusk

Source: Igor Almenara/TecMundo

4. Financial District – Spider-Bot – Spider-Ham

a Igor Almenara/TecMundo

5. Downtown Brooklyn – Spider-Bot – Superior

https://www.tecmundo.com.br/ Igor Almenara/TecMundo

6. Downtown Brooklyn – Spider-Bot – Sensational Spider-Man

https://www.tecmundo.com.br/ Igor Almenara/TecMundo

7. Downtown Brooklyn – Spider-Bot – Peni Parker

https://www.tecmundo.com.br/ Igor Almenara/TecMundo

8. Greenwich – Spider-Bot – Flipside

8 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

9. Hell’s Kitchen – Spider-Bot – Vulture

9 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

10. Little Odessa – Spider-Bot – Electro-Proof Spider-Man

10 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

11. Little Odessa – Spider-Bot – Scarlet Spider

11 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

12. Midtown – Spider-Bot – Spider-Punk

https://www.tecmundo.com.br/ Igor Almenara/TecMundo

13. Central Park – Spider-Bot – Iron Spider

13 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

14. Upper East Side – Spider-Bot – Arachnido Jr.

14 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

15. Astoria – Spider-Bot – Classic

15 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

16. Harlem – Spider-Bot – Anya Corazon

16 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

17. Upper East Side – Spider-Bot – Spider-Man Noir

17 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

18. Williamsburg – Spider-Bot – Scorpion

18 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

19. Downtown Queens – Spider-Bot – Into the Spider-Verse

19 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

20. Hell’s Kitchen – Spider-Bot – Rhino

20 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

21. Upper West Side – Spider-Bot – Secret Wars

21 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

22. Hell’s Kitchen Spider-Bots

22 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

23. Upper East Side – Spider-Bot – Spider-Armor MK III

23 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

24. Upper West Side – Spider-Bot – Spider-Girl

24 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

25. Downtown Brooklyn – Spider-Bot – Mysterio

25 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

26. Chinatown – Spider-Bot – Mister Negative

26 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

27. Central Park – Spider-Bot – Spider-Man 1602

27 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

28. Hell’s Kitchen – Spider-Bot – Spirit Spider

28 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

29. Harlem – Spider-Bot – Ultimate

29 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

30. Harlem – Spider-Bot – Across the Spider-Verse

30 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

31. Midtown – Spider-Bot – Spider-Monkey

31 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

32. Astoria – Spider Bot – Mangaverse

32 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

33. Williamsburg – Spider-Bot – Prowler

33 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

34. Downtown Queens – Spider-Bot – Gwen Stacey

34 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

35. Downtown Queens – Spider-Bot – Stealth

35 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

36. Greenwich – Spider-Bot – JJJ

36 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

37. Financial District – Spider-Bot – Classic Mysterio

37 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

38. Astoria – Spider-Bot – Shocker

38 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

39. Chinatown – Spider-Bot – Spider-Armor MK II

39 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

40. Midtown – Spider-Bot – Spider-UK

40 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

41. Chinatown – Spider-Bot – Spider-Woman

41 Igor Almenara/TecMundo

42. Astoria – Spider-Bot – Blood-Spider

Astoria - Spider-Bot - Blood-Spider Igor Almenara/TecMundo

I collected everything, now what?

After recovering all the Spider-Bots spread across New York, the player needs to wait for a call from Ganke. He will inform you that he has identified the origin of the mysterious signal and will ask Peter or Miles to check what is happening.

The final mission of the Spider-Bot hunt is quite enigmatic.The final mission of the Spider-Bot hunt is quite enigmatic.Source: Igor Almenara/TecMundo

Once there, Spider-Man will be surprised by a chat with a mysterious character through a portal. The scene doesn’t say much, but who checked it out? Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse You will identify some similarities. We’ll be writing a text focused on the reference soon, so stay tuned to Voxel!

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