For many players, choosing the right time to dive into games of VALUING can be crucial to your performance. A player shared his experience on Reddit, and said that the best time to play is at night.

(Image: Disclosure/riot Games)

In his report, the player describes a significant change in his gaming experience based on the time he plays. During the day, after waking up around 4pm, he describes the feeling of playing as “walking on broken glass”a challenging and uncomfortable experience even in casual modes.

I stay awake at night and sleep during the day. So naturally I mostly play at night.

But when I play at night (1am-3am) everything suddenly becomes much better. Especially comp. Everyone is calm. The teams are respectful towards each other, no racists or anyone like that. Great time!

Furthermore, he also said that this is not a criticism of the younger people, as they made the environment more positive and friendly. Another user stated that during the day it is full of people who are not employees.

The day is full of people without jobs and missing classes and that’s why it’s full of toxic masters.

One player had the opposite thought and stated that the competitive morning queues are still better.

All the morning gamers I met were also super chill and funny. The children I played with in the morning were actually calm, especially during the week. Most were home sick or something, but the adults were either working from home, younger adults in college, or someone who had some free time. I love morning players.

Raquel Ferreira
published in February 1, 2024


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