O All for one is a famous custom mode in League of Legends. Although it is not preferred by most of the community, whenever it is available everyone plays a few games with their friends to have fun. But you know When will All for One return in LoL?

We have prepared this article to keep you updated on when All for One comes into LoL in 2024. Whenever Riot reveals a new date, we will update the text!

When will the next All for One be in League in 2024?

It is expected that the All for One enter patch 14.5scheduled for the day March 6O. This is because Riot said that it arrives shortly after the departure of URF, which leaves the server in patch 14.3. However, Riot has not yet confirmed the exact date of All for One.

What is All for One mode in League?

The way All for One in LoL consisting of all players on a team play with the same champion.

How is this done? Once everyone enters champion selection, everyone votes for a champion they would like to play, and then the system chooses the champion in a draw. The more people choose the same champion, the more chances he has of being chosen.

(Image: Disclosure/Riot)

Why is All for One so popular in League?

All for One Mode is very popular in League because players can be creative in playing certain champions in ways they wouldn’t in a conventional match. Bard AD? Alistar AP? Braum with attack speed? These and other strange builds can be done without judgment!

Additionally, All for One mode allows for some very exotic combinations of LoL champions. For example, in the case of a team with 5 Yuumis, four of them can enter the cup at once and assemble a Megazord! Have you ever imagined 5 Threshs pulling opponents at the same time? or 5 Nocturnes attacking the same target with the ult.

Image to illustrate the article about when LoL's All for One mode will return
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)
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