Last Wednesday (17), Sony announced the official launch of the PS5 Slim in Brazil. The digital model, which is smaller and can also accommodate a disc player, will hit the market on January 23rd.

But one question still hangs in the air: will is it still worth buying the PS5 Original instead of the Slim? To help you with this choice, the Voxel brings the main differences, and advantages and disadvantages of obtaining the original model, launched in 2020. Check it out!

Not so big difference in price

According to Sony, the base price of the PS5 Slim Digital Edition will be R$3,799.90, that is, R$200 cheaper than the traditional model. Therefore, there is not a big difference in price, as happened in the case of the PS4 with the arrival of the Pro model, which at the time had a difference of just over $600.

It is worth remembering that, in many official stores, there are frequent promotions to reduce this value, which may be even more frequent with the arrival of the new model in order to “free up” the current stock. In addition, there is also the market for used devices, which should suffer a reduction in value precisely due to the arrival of the new model in stores.

So far, only the PS5 Slim Digital has been announced in Brazil.Source: Sony

Practically the same hardware

Another element that must be considered is that both consoles have practically the same hardware. The only difference is that the Slim model’s SSD has 1 TB of storage, whereas the original has 850 GB.

Therefore, both video games play all games in the same way. There is no difference in terms of performance or visuals on both platforms, which does not create any disadvantage in purchasing the older model in this regard.

The PS5 Slim has an SSD with larger storage.The PS5 Slim has an SSD with larger storage.Source: Sony

Slim model is at risk of possible problems

Sony has a history of problems with its video games. The PS3 and PS4 experienced technical failures in their respective launches, compromising a series of models. Fortunately, the PS5 did not suffer from this “curse”, however, this does not exempt the recent Slim model from suffering from it.

This is because the model hit the market just a few months ago, which was still not enough time to be exempt. Furthermore, if it has a problem, it will be difficult to find any technical assistance with parts, or even knowledge, to deal with such a recent device.

The PS5 Slim may still suffer from The PS5 Slim may still suffer from Sony’s “curse” of problems.Source: Sony

Disc player drive and base sold separately

It drew attention that the official announcement of the arrival and price of the PS5 Slim in Brazil was restricted to the Digital model, that is, without a disc player, unlike the original PS5, which arrived in the country in both models.

The PS5 Slim Digital disc player is sold separatelyThe PS5 Slim Digital disc player is sold separatelySource: Sony

Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing the video game with the reader, you will have to buy the original model, or have to purchase the drive separately. The problem is that it was not announced in Brazil either, and its price abroad is US$79.99, just over R$389 in current conversion.

To top it off, it also doesn’t come with a base to keep the video game in a vertical position. To do this, you must also purchase the accessory separately. However, it is also not expected to be released in Brazil, and currently costs $29.99, around R$147 in current conversion.

The Ps5 Slim base is sold separately.The Ps5 Slim base is sold separately.Source: Sony

Customization options

The PS5 Slim was announced along with some cover models that, like the original version, will also be sold separately. However, for the first model, launched in 2023, there is a wide range of different options, which go beyond colors, such as the special edition of the game Spider-Man 2 which was a sales record.

So far, anyone who wants to have a good customization option for the PS5 Slim will have to settle for colors that are already available for the original PS5, such as silver, blue and red. Like the other additional items, they also have no price or expected arrival date in Brazil.

Currently, the PS5 Slim only has three cover colorsCurrently, the PS5 Slim only has three cover colorsFonte:  The Verge

After all, is it still worth buying the PS5 Original instead of the Slim?

The answer is yes! As explained in the topics, the only advantages of the PS5 Slim over the original model are the price, slightly cheaper, and the SSD with greater storage. Other than that, it’s practically the same console, but with a more compact size.

Furthermore, the model launched in 2020 already has a good number of units spread across national stores, which should still take a long time to happen with the Slim. In this case, for those who can’t wait to get their hands on the current generation console, this is another advantage, as it can come to your home today.

And in your opinion, is it better to buy the original PS5 or the Slim model? Tell us on social media Voxel!

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