This Wednesday (31) the final of the Afro Reggae Cup will take place at Arena AfroGames, in Rio de Janeiro. The event dedicated to young people who are part of communities in the state of Rio will feature the finals of Free Fire, FIFA e VALUING


During the year, AfroGames participants carried out a program on improving some popular games such as Free Fire, FIFA and VALORANT. In addition to programming, game design and English courses to prepare for the job market.

The finals will take place not only with the competition, but also with showmatch. The first stage took place between January 22nd and 26th, at AfroGames units in Morro do Timbau, Nova Holanda and in Vigário Gedral, the first headquarters and eSports Training Center in a favela.

In VALORANT, students from Vigário Geral will face rivals from Morro do Timbau where only one team will emerge as champion. Furthermore, the AFG Cup marks the celebration of AfroReggae’s 31 years of social activity.

AfroGames 2022 B
Photo: AfroGames
Raquel Ferreira
published in January 29, 2024


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