Last Wednesday (17), one of the most awaited news by gamers was announced by Sony, informing the official launch of the PlayStation 5 Slim in Brazil.

And to the delight of PlayStation fans, the pre-sale of the new digital version is on Amazon Brazil with the lowest price recorded, free shipping and installments up to 10 installments for Amazon Prime Members.

And if you have a passion for games and are eager to try out the new console, today (22) is the last day of pre-orders on Amazon and the chance to secure your PlayStation 5 Slim at the lowest price!

Learn more about the product below:

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The PS5 Slim console, Digital Edition brings new gaming possibilities you never imagined. Expect an all-digital version of the PS5 console without a disc drive. Sign in with your PlayStation Network account and access PlayStation®Store to purchase and download games.

Bringing differences in its design, size and weight, the PlayStation 5 Slim is approximately 30% smaller, but equally powerful as the original version.

When comparing the PS5 Slim to the original version, there are no notable differences in terms of hardware, offering similar graphics settings and visual performance.

Therefore, one of the main attractions of the new version is its Larger storage capacity with 1TB SSDwhile the original version only offers 850 GB.

Another element that must be considered in the Slim version is its removable disk player in digital version. In other words, the digital version of the console does not have a built-in disc player, being sold separately and allowing players to choose the features they want.

Furthermore, it also supports HDR, 4K or 8K technology, and Tempest 3D AudioTech, ensuring your immersion during matches and receiving sound from all directions.

Then, take advantage of the last day of pre-sale and secure your PlayStation 5 Slim Console, Digital Edition for a special price on Amazon!


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