The second week of CBLOL 2024 happened this last weekend (27-28/01) and some champions remained dominant in the winning percentages it’s from presence within the championship and others are starting to appear more.

Champions with the most presence at CBLOL 2024

In the first ten games of the CBLOL, there are only 2 champions with 100% attendance in all games, check the list:

  • K’sante was chosen 11 times and banned in 9 situations
  • Nocturne was chosen 3 times and banned in 17 situations

The champion who comes right after in terms of presence is Azurewho has a 90% appearance in CBLOL, with 12 picks and 6 bans.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Champions with the most victories in CBLOL 2024

To define the champions with the most victories, we will quantify them in number of victories, not in percentage, after all the Pyke – for example – has a 100% win percentage, but with only one win.

Check out the top 3 that won the most:

  • K’Sante won 7 games in 11 matches
  • Orianna won 6 games in 10 matches
  • Vi won 5 games in 6 matches

Still tied with five wins, we have three more champions, which are:

  • Aphelios won 5 games in 7 matches
  • Nautilus won 5 games in 8 matches
  • Azure won 5 games in 12 matches

It can only be who is main?

An interesting number about Azir is that of the 5 victories, 3 were from Tocouille, mid yes Procuracy. The player is 100% with the champion and between the three matches he has accumulated 18 kills, five deaths and 16 assists with the Imperador das Areias.

And of course the impressive number became a meme in the Brazilian community:

Community meme about Azir from VKS Tocouille
Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks/@Nayuzzn

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Sergio Fiorini
published in January 30, 2024edited 10 hours ago


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