The extremely popular game Palword has captivated players around the world thanks to its Pals survival mechanics, which are the fantastic creatures from this universe. However, after evolving enough, players may want to change the location of their base on the map. Find out the best way to do this here.

Unfortunately, there is no specific tool or feature within Palworld that allows for an automatic change of location of the player’s base. However, It is still possible to do this manually, which can be a bit of work.

How to move your base location in Palword?

What you need to do is disassemble the Palbox, since it delimits a region at its base. You can do this from the disassembly menu, accessible with “up” and “right” on the Xbox controller or pressing B and then C if you are playing with a keyboard.

Players and Pals resting in a Palworld baseSource: Steam

After that, you will then disassemble the Palbox and reassemble it again elsewhere. To avoid wasting the resources used in your original base, you can dismantle all structures in your base to redo them at the next location.

It is worth noting that some specific structures can only be used with a Palbox at the base, such as ranches and incubators, so be prepared to use them as much as you need before moving your entire base to another region.

Can I have more than one base?

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of moving everything from your base to another location, but still want to explore the map further, Palword also allows you to build more than one base. But to unlock this option, you need to complete some base missions and level up.

After completing several specific missions to evolve your base, such as building some specific structures, you must Reach level 10 and then it will be possible to build other bases.

If you are having difficulty evolving the base to the desired level, battle against Pals and various enemies to accumulate points in the technology tree, this will unlock new buildings.

Palworld keeps growing

Even launching on Xbox Game Pass for Consoles and PC, Palworld sales are breaking records, as is the number of players.

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Fonte:  SteamDB

According to current SteamDB data, Palworld is the single-player game with the highest peak number of players on Steam. The same is observed in the ranking for multiplayer games.

Part of the reason for this success on Steam, in addition to the public’s general interest in Pals, is also that the game was launched at a relatively low price on Steam, costing R$80.09 at the time of writing this news.

Palword is available for purchase on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The game is also available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog for both PC and consoles.


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