A Riot Games revealed the new line of Skins Urban Demons in LoL, which incorporates an urban art aesthetic alongside the theme of demons. Reception in the community was receptive at first.

Next, the More Esports will show you when they launch the Urban Demon Skins in LoL, how much they cost and also images of the customizations.

What are the champions of Urban Demon Skins in LoL?

  • Brand
  • Rengar
  • Neeko
  • office
  • Dr.World
  • Briar

It is worth noting that the new champion Briar will also receive a skin in Riot’s new collection. Dr.Mundo, which had been without a new skin for over 1700 days, will also be included.

When will the new Urban Demon Skins be available?

New Urban Demon Skins are expected to be released in the patch 13.18, scheduled for the day September 13th.

Prices of Urban Demons Skins in LoL

  • A Skin office Urban Demon costs 1350 the R.P
  • A Skin Neeko Urban Demon costs 1350 the R.P
  • A Skin Brand Urban Demon costs 1350 the R.P
  • A Skin Dr.World Urban Demon costs 1350 the R.P
  • A Skin Rengar Urban Demon costs 1350 the R.P
  • A Skin Briar Urban Demon costs 1350 the R.P

Considering the price of RP in 2023, the price of skins is around R$ 34,90.

Skin Arts

Zyra Urban Demon

Neeko Urban Demon

Neeko Demônio Urbano skin image in LoL

Brand Demon Urban

Image of the Brand Demônio Urbano skin in LoL

Dr. Urban Demon World

Dr.Mundo Demônio Urbano skin image in LoL

Urban Demon Briar

Image of the Urban Fiend Briar skin in LoL

Dr.Urban Demon World (not yet released)

Videos of the new skins

Skins in LoL give advantage in the game?

A frequent question from new players is whether having a skin in LoL gives any advantage within the game. Don’t worry, these items are just aesthetic cosmetics, that is, regardless of the skin, you will be the same as other players.

Is it possible to refund skins?

Yes, if you buy the skin and regret it, it is possible to make a refund in LoL. However, only three refunds per year are available, so choose wisely how you use them.

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