Goal is one of the meteoric successes to come in recent years. before in LOUDthe ADC disputed the CBLOL 2023 2nd Split for the Flowone of his former organization’s biggest rivals.

No 2 in 1 Podcastthe player recalled the moment of his rise to the main squad of LOUD and how his first steps were.

Distrust in Brance’s rise to the CBLOL

Man, a lot of people made fun of me. I remember that I printed a lot of stuff, to keep for myself, to read and create gas over it. I got a lot of gas after that and I also knew the opportunity I was having. For me, it was everything. It was a challenge, the croc was going to come, I would have to speak in English.

Then I said, fuck###. I have to do really well in the tryout. I had to face it like this to speak business in English, to evolve on top of that because otherwise I feel that my evolution would be very slow. In the beginning, it was very difficult to understand, but after a week like that, I started to understand and pick up more verbs, I took a lot of English classes.

the moment of ascent

I remember Von came up to me and said: Brance, you will be our ADC. I was overjoyed. After that, what happened. I remember that we started playing against Flamengo, we beat them and then we played against paiN, I remember that I was very afraid. I just played Ezreal, the guy got Kalista and I got him. It was a safer doll and all.

We won the first game, I was very happy, the second game we lost to paiN and the first bad feeling came. Honestly, I don’t remember the rest very well, but it got to the final stretch of the championship and we were doing really well, we had really bonded as a team and it was everyone for everyone.

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published in August 29, 2023

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