Stellar Bladea PS5 exclusive that arrives on April 26th, drew a lot of attention for its vast and vibrant universe — in addition to the frenetic gameplay that seems to be a lot of fun. Another detail that has been causing heated discussions on the internet are the physical attributes of the protagonist Eve, in particular “her back” — which the game director claims to have given “special attention”.

Recently, director Hyung-Tae Kim talked about Eve’s design to GamesRadar. The protagonist’s silhouette, based on the body of South Korean model Shin Jae-eun, has been the subject of a wide range of discussions on social networks due to her large attributes — and exaggeratedly sexualized for some.

South Korean model who served as the basis for the design of the protagonist of Stellar Blade.Fonte:  Push Square

The developer justifies paying special attention to the protagonist’s back because, basically, it’s the part that players are always looking at while playing. Well, that’s still true — especially in third-person games.

“When it comes to design, we paid special attention to the character’s back because the player is always facing there when playing,” explained Kim. “That’s what they see most, so we thought that was really important.”

Stellar Blade director reflects on the cultural situation surrounding Eve

Furthermore, the director reflected on the cultural situation surrounding the protagonist of Stellar Blade, both in South Korea and around the world. He also comments on his own desires when it comes to the games he plays and makes.

“I personally think that compared to movies, animations, manga and so on, people are especially stricter towards games. In games, there are all the opinions that people have, which are not always positive about cute characters and unrealistic”, explained the developer.

Stellar Blade's protagonist's physical attributes were the subject of heated discussions on social media.Stellar Blade’s protagonist’s physical attributes were the subject of heated discussions on social media.Source: PS Store

“Honestly, when I play, I would like to see someone who is more beautiful than me. That’s what I want. I don’t want to see something normal; I want to see something more ideal. I think that’s very important as a form of entertainment. After all, it’s about entertainment aimed at adults”, he said.

The director of Stellar Blade concludes the interview by stating that an ideal design is “one that can showcase its own charms and attractiveness without detracting from the game’s narrative or setting.”

Pre-orders for Stellar Blade are now available on the PS Store

Interested in Stellar Blade? So know that the new PS5 exclusive is now on pre-order in two versions on the PlayStation Store. The pre-order even guarantees the following extras to the buyer:

  • Planetary Diving Suit for Eve;
  • Classic Round Glasses for Eve;
  • Ear Armor for Eve.

Check below the prices and what comes with each version of Stellar Blade:

  • Stellar Blade (Standard Edition) — R$ 349,90
  • Stellar Blade (Digital Deluxe Edition) — R$399.50
    • Full game;
    • Stargazing Outfit for Eve;
    • Half Cup Glasses for Eve;
    • Rectangle Earrings. Quadruples for Eve;
    • Star Observation Outfit for Adam and Lily;
    • Star Observation Pack for the Drone;
    • 2,000 em PH EXP;
    • 5,000 Gold in game currency.

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