Nafiri, Briar, Hey e Smolderthese were the last four champions to be released on LoLand the majority living “controversial” percentages e forgetfulness. Even though Hwei has achieved significant popularity, nothing seems to be as big as the Smolder effect.

Disclosure/Riot Games

Did Smolder succeed as champion?

The community has criticized the champion’s design or the doll’s kit for some time, and finally, even the story outside of the game is weak. Smolder also suffered from complaints about his design, but this did not affect the champion’s popularity, why is that?

Smolder has an easy kit (and it makes sense)

Gameplay is the first step towards accepting a champion, something that affected even slightly older releases such as Renata Glasc, K’Sante and Zeri.

In this case, Smolder’s skills are very self-explanatory: you just need to accumulate points in Q and use the skills, how difficult is that?

And there is still a rewarding feeling with the champion of getting the stacks, being a pentakill machine and traversing terrain.

He’s cute – yes, that’s an argument

Even though he has received a lot of criticism, the champion’s more cartoonish spirit is very inviting and how this interacts with his skills is incredible. It’s a dragon that literally sneezes and wins a 2v2 or calls its mother and wins the team-fight, this is very charismatic – despite being childish.

In the image there is the new champion, Smolder, a small and cute dragon
Reproduction/Riot Games

Smolder is completely adaptable

You, as Smolder, can do: Lethality, Critical, Build focusing AD on skills and AP. A big criticism from more casual players is the “dictatorship” of items, of only being able to build X and Y, and with the little dragon you don’t have that.

At first they judged his early game, and after Smolder’s Korean build appeared, the champion became completely adaptable both in the early-mid-late game.

Image of the Celestial Scales Smolder skin in LoL
Image: Reproduction/Riot

Champion popularity numbers

According to the website LoLalyticsthe champion has 2.448.182 games in this patch, with all links and servers. See the comparison with the last champions:

  • Smolder: 2,448,182 games
  • Briar: 957.722
  • Hey: 686.747
  • Nafiri: 257.016

A bizarre factor: the win percentage difference between Naafiri and Smolder is only 3%despite a difference of more than 2 million matches.

The champion, in addition to being easy and charismatic, wins the matches. 49% wins and the highest popularity of the patch, countering the effect of the last champions (both in pick frequency and victory).

Smolder not competitive

For now, the champion has not yet shined competitively: he only appeared in three games in LCS 2024 and lost two, in CBLOL 2024 he has only two wins in six games.

It won’t be long before Smolder appears in LCK 2024 or LPL 2024, and from the coverage of More Esportsyou will find out as soon as possible!

Counting all leagues, there are 17 wins and 19 losses for the little dragon. It is worth remembering that there has not yet been a complete adaptation to the champion. So, everything indicates that time will be the best ally of LoL’s little darling.

Image of Smolder, new LoL champion
Image: Reproduction/LoL


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