The season of VALUING Champions Tour (VCT) started with the KICKOFF, in February with all 44 teams from around the world, representing the four International Leagues.

See the full VCT 2024 calendar:

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Masters Madrid: The Starting Point

The international kickoff it will be with the Masters Madridscheduled to take place between the days March 14th and 24th.

This will be the first global event of VCT 2024, where the eight best KICKOFF teams will face off in Madrid to determine who will start the season on top.

The Masters Madrid will be divided into a Swiss Stagefollowed by a thrilling double elimination bracket, with four teams competing for glory.

Masters Madrid VALORANT
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International Leagues – Stage 1

After Masters Madrid, the focus turns to the International Leagues competition in Stage 1, which will take place on April 3rd to May 12th.

During this period, teams will fight hard to secure one of the three coveted vacancies which will take them to the next global event, Masters Shanghai.

Masters Shanghai: The Dispute in China

Between the days May 23rd and June 9th, the championship will be in Shanghai, Chinawhere the twelve teams Those classified in Stage 1 will compete in the second Masters event of the season.

In this two-week event, the intensity will be palpable, and only one team will emerge as number one in the world.

Masters Shanghai VALORANT
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International Leagues – Stage 2

Right after the Shanghai Masters, Stage 2 of the International Leagues begins, which will take place from June 15th to July 21st. This will be the teams’ last chance to stand out before the highly anticipated Champions League.

Step 2 will sort the three best teams of each league for VALORANT Champions, while each league will also have a fourth ranked team based on the accumulation of Championship Points throughout the year.

Champions in South Korea

Ultimately, all roads lead to the Champions League. Scheduled to take place August 1st to 25th em Seoul, Korea, This epic event will bring together the 16 best teams in the world for the final event of the 2024 VCT season.

During three weeks of fierce competition, the best teams on the planet will face off to determine who will lift the champion trophy VCT World Cup 2024.

VALORANT Champions 2024 Alone
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Raquel Ferreira
published in February 20, 2024


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