A Steamknown for its vast game library, has just added new free titles to your collection, allowing players to immerse themselves in worlds that range from magical adventures with dragons to psychological horror experiences in mysterious settings.

For RPG lovers, a dark journey awaits, while simulation fans can experience the life of an aspiring rock star or delve into a digital universe brimming with possibilities. Whether solving puzzles, drawing directly in the game or facing hordes of zombies in procedurally generated environments, there is something for everyone! Check it out below:

Thyria: Step Into Dreams

Thyria: Step Into Dreams is a turn-based RPG that introduces the narrative of the Thyria universe. In it, players are challenged to summon and train a team of Guardians to take on a dungeon crawler inspired by dark fantasy.

Gameplay combines 2D isometric exploration, time management and turn-based combat. The dark and immersive setting is complemented by a variety of mechanics, including collecting Soul Dust and Relics, fusing new Guardians, and combating living nightmares that lurk in the darkest dreams.

To redeem it for free, simply access the Steam page and click “Play”.


Draw is an experience that combines elements of a 2D sidescroller with a visual novel. In the game, we take on the role of Stickman, a character armed only with a pencil, exploring a completely new, hand-drawn world.

The gameplay is enriched with puzzles that can be solved by drawing directly in the game. Throughout the adventure, we meet new friends, dodge scribbled monsters, and create memories. The narrative is deep and emotional, telling the story of Nathan, a high school student dealing with the grief of a recently lost friend. To redeem it for free, simply access the page on Steam and click “Play”.


echoed It is an immersion in a digital universe full of infinite possibilities. In it, we can connect with people from all over the world, whether through casual conversations, playing games, socializing or collaborating on creative projects, ranging from art to complex game programming.

The title’s virtual environment is designed to be infinitely customizable, ensuring that each player finds their space and community that suits their style. In addition to socializing, it is possible to explore a variety of gadgets, avatars and games, with advanced tools that guarantee multiplayer experiences. To redeem it for free, simply access the Steam page and click “Play”.

Project Adder

Project Adder is a 2D, rogue-lite action title that puts players in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. With a run-and-gun approach, we are challenged to manage random weapons, ammunition and skills while facing hordes of zombies in procedurally generated levels.

With each death, the map resets, ensuring a unique experience with randomized elements every time. A highlight of it is its open source nature, allowing players to delve deeper into gameplay with the developer’s console and even adapt and create new content, promoting community-driven evolution. To redeem it for free, simply access the page on Steam and click “Play”.


Mannequin is a first-person horror experience that transports us to a setting of suspense and mystery. In it, we take on the role of an employee at a clothing store who, upon finishing her shift and getting ready to go home, encounters a sudden power outage, leaving her trapped inside the store.

What seemed like just a mishap turns into a nightmare when she realizes she is surrounded by suspicious mannequins that seem to move when they are not being watched. Armed only with her cell phone as a flashlight, the protagonist must navigate the store’s silent and dark aisles, trying to find a way out while being chased by killer dolls. To redeem it for free, simply access the page on Steam and click “Play”.

The Windows Are Gone

The Windows Are Gone is a psychological horror that immerses us in an engaging and disturbing narrative. After a tragic accident, the protagonist is haunted by grief and guilt, starting to see a house in his dreams. The sight of this place becomes inescapable, and an irresistible feeling of being called by it drives the player to explore it.

In the title, players are encouraged to explore the setting, discover secrets and piece together clues left by the former owner of this mysterious residence. With multiple possible endings, the main character’s fate is in your hands. To redeem it for free, simply access the Steam page and click “Play”.

Embers: Return to Dragonland

Embers: Return to Dragonland is an action game that transports us to a magical world where legendary dragons are the protagonists. After the legacy of these creatures is threatened by goblins, players are tasked with saving their eggs and restoring order. They can choose between two iconic dragons: Shango, master of fire, and Pogo, manipulator of lightning.

Each dragon has unique abilities, from spitting flaming balls to shooting lasers that bounce between enemies. The title is set in vibrant and fantastical settings, such as forests, goblin villages and the ruins of Embers, each with their own challenges and enemies. To redeem it for free, simply access the Steam page and click “Play”.

Rock Star Life Simulator: Prologue

Rock Star Life Simulator: Prologue is simulator that offers users the chance to live the life of an aspiring rock star. Starting out as a guitarist playing on the streets, we have the opportunity to shape the course of one’s career through decisions. Whether it’s mastering the art of playing the guitar, impressing people in bars, or pursuing romantic relationships, every choice has an impact.

However, becoming a global star is not an easy journey. In addition to improving your musical skills, you need to earn money, whether through extra work or trying your luck at the casino. To redeem it for free, simply access the page on Steam and click “Play”.

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