A LOUD was defeated by PSG Talon this Thursday (12), but has not yet been eliminated from the Worlds 2023. In collective, Route, The team’s ADC spoke about the game of the day and, even after the defeat, he was confident to play against the GAM or R7 in the final of the lower bracket.

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Why did LOUD prioritize Neeko in game 2, over Kai’Sa?

It’s not about prioritizing Neeko, it’s more about whether I’m comfortable playing with Kai’sa or leaving her, so we were very flexible about our ADC choice and decided to go with Neeko as our first choice.

You’re getting a lot of attention at Worlds and playing really well. What did you improve after arriving in Korea?

I was already pretty good… I just played a lot of soloQ since I arrived in Korea.

We saw Croc playing a lot of games on autofill and not as a jungler. Do you think this could be a reason why his champion pool isn’t bigger?

I don’t see any problem with his champion pool, it’s more because the opponents are focusing a lot on junglers’ choices (banning and/or picking), so we had a little more difficulty.

In one game you got a triple kill. Do you hope to get a Penta Kill again?

In truth no. I just want to win. If I find an opportunity to get a Penta, I’ll try, but I only care about winning.

Route, what was most difficult for LOUD when playing against PSG?

There’s no specific problem that I can think of right now. For example, going back to the first game, we chose Sivir after seeing Jarvan IV being chosen and I think it didn’t work out well.

LOUD did well in the first game, but the second was dominated by PSG. Route, what happened in that match?

Our communication was not very good. For example, in the invasion at the beginning of the game, we could have waited for Neeko, and with her it would have been very different. Furthermore, the first dive at the top was a mistake too, so we had so many mistakes at the beginning that the game ended early.

Now you are in the lower bracket of the group. Speaking of GAM and R7, LOUD’s potential opponents, how do you assess your team’s chances against them?

We’re going to face their winner and I think our chances are pretty high. I’m very confident and both are teams that we can beat.

In an interview, Tinowns spoke about the “draft diff” that LOUD took on the series. Ceos support also highlighted that LOUD was “lost” in the Draft, and that this made the series more difficult.

Upcoming LOUD games at Worlds 2023

LOUD returns to play on October 14th and will face the winner between GAM and Rainbow7. If the Brazilians win, they will advance to the final of the Entry Stage and will face Team Whales, qualifying for a place in the Group Stage. If they lose, they are eliminated from the LoL World Cup.

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