A Steam continues to surprise with a variety of new totally free experiences, allowing players to embark on adventures filled with action, mystery and strategy without spending a dime. In the last week, seven new titles that deserve attention appeared on the platform!

From delving into the dark world of a hacker to taking on dark forces in a classic action RPG, there’s a wealth of games waiting for you. If you’re looking for something new and exciting, check out the selection that Voxel split next!

1. Anonymous Hacker Simulator Prologue

Anonymous Hacker Simulator Prologue is the opening chapter of a deep adventure in the digital world, in which every action has the potential to reveal dark secrets. Starting in a secret apartment, the player has access to a variety of hacking tools such as Nmap, Harvester, and Airocrack.

As the story unfolds, we are challenged to unravel intrigue, uncovering hidden truths and a conspiracy that spans the entire country. It compels players to stay one step ahead of their opponents, exploiting vulnerabilities and manipulating the internet. To redeem it for free, just go to page on Steam and click “Play”.

2. Platform Gun

Platform Gun is a space adventure involving exploration of the Reinheart Space Station, utilizing an innovative weapon that fires platforms. As Space Station Guardian and Perimeter Protector, it’s our responsibility to use it to create pathways, reach inaccessible areas, and protect the station.

This versatile device lets you climb, glide across areas, solve puzzling puzzles and take on enemies. In addition, the search for coins and armor is essential to facilitate the escape mission. To redeem it for free, just go to page on Steam and click “Play”.

3. The Eternal Supreme: Prologue

The Eternal Supreme: Prologue is a free introduction to the universe of Aeterna, in which players assume the role of the Dark King, a powerful warlord condemned to eternal life, and embark on a journey through unexplored territories filled with treasures, traps, hordes of enemies and formidable bosses .

The title is a fast-paced roguelike, offering brutal and fast combat involving swords, pistols and scythes to face opponents in frantic battles. Character progression is permanent, and it is possible to keep skills and improvements even after a defeat.

To redeem it for free, just go to page on Steam and click “Play”.

4. Just Hit the Button

Just Hit the Button is an extremely simple arcade game whose only objective is to press buttons. At first, it may seem easy, but it presents several challenges along the way. It’s a test of players’ reflexes, challenging them to master the art of hitting buttons in a variety of situations.

With 30 levels that can be completed in a matter of seconds, the experience becomes addictive, encouraging you to improve scores and climb the rankings. To redeem it for free, just go to page on Steam and click “Play”.

5. Eternium

For fans of isometric RPGs like Diablo 2, Eternium can be a great choice! It invites users to face dark forces that threaten their home world, offering intense combat at a fast pace. You can choose to be a Mage, Warrior or Bounty Hunter, each with their own skills and weapons.

The adventure takes place in different scenarios, from dark caves, dungeons, forests, villages and even other planets. In addition to the action, the game offers the opportunity to loot treasure, equip yourself with shiny armor and experience reactive and satisfying combat.

To redeem it for free, just go to page on Steam and click “Play”.

6. Project Hardline

Developed almost entirely by a single person, Project Hardline is an FPS in which the main objective is to capture a communication station that contains vital information, and it is essential that it does not fall into the wrong hands. With each round, teams return better equipped, making clashes increasingly challenging.

To redeem it for free, just go to page on Steam and click “Play”.

7. Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a collectible card game where each card represents a Marvel superhero or villain, each with a unique power or ability. The objective is to outwit and outwit the opponent in matches that last just three minutes.

In addition, it features a unique mechanic called “SNAP”, which allows us to raise the stakes during a round and put pressure on the opponent. To redeem it for free, just go to page on Steam and click “Play”.

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